Caesars Entertainment Energy Management Program | Caesars Entertainment

“Best in class. Caesar’s did a good job of setting objective and achievable goals in energy reduction, then tracking progress, capital spending and the ROI of energy saved. This is the type of disciplined planning and execution necessary to give sustainability projects credibility and a place in management discussions, and is a model that other companies can follow and manipulate to fit their specific needs.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

In 2010, Caesars Entertainment revamped its energy management program, developing an integrated strategy to drive financial and environmental benefits. Aggressive goals were set to reduce energy use by 20% on a per-square-foot basis by 2015 against a 2007 baseline, equating to over $15M in annualized savings. Caesars also committed to carbon reduction as a cornerstone of its CodeGreen environmental program.

caesars image reducedIn 2013, Caesars exceeded its absolute GHG emissions reduction goal of 10% one year ahead of schedule. The reduction was verified independently by a third party and resulted in over 143,500 metric tons of avoided emissions per year, equivalent in weight to eleven miles of coal-filled freight cars.

Caesars’ energy reduction initiative focused on improving efficiency and reducing energy use. It included an assessment identifying and prioritizing energy reduction opportunities; the implementation of operational changes; a deployment of capital; and the creation of enhanced reporting tools for measurement and verification. Specific projects included installation of 12,000+ digital thermostats with integrated occupancy sensors in guestrooms, deployment of 100,000+ high-efficiency LED bulbs, installation of occupancy control sensors for lighting and installation of 10,000+ low-flow showerheads and aerators. Operational changes in guestrooms, convention spaces and food and beverage outlets reduced energy usage. In 2012 alone, Caesars completed 37 corporate efficiency projects delivering annualized energy savings of nearly 24 million kilowatt-hours, equivalent to taking over 3,100 cars off the road from a GHG emissions perspective.

The project yielded annual electric savings of over 145,000,000 kilowatt-hours in 2012 relative to a 2007 base year. This reduction is enough electricity to power over 13,600 average homes for a year.

Caesars says responsible stewardship of the environment is a clear business imperative, saving money, reducing risk, and offering opportunity to meet guest preferences. The initiatives resulted in Caesars attaining its short-term carbon reduction goal while putting the company on a trajectory to reach its long-term carbon reduction goal of 40% per-square-foot of conditioned space by 2025.

As one judge said, “The long and short-term goals, operational changes and technology and management system behind these changes supported sustainable gains. This is an excellent project that can be scaled to other places. Too often we see one or two dimensions but this project is multi-dimensional.”