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“The product scores in terms of the ease of use, adaptability (customizable) and the immediate results that it can deliver for customers.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

SENSEI is an energy efficiency web application designed and developed to drive continuous, cost-effective savings for industrial facilities worldwide. SENSEI accommodates an energy intensity baseline based on normalization equations (regression analysis) to account for changes in weather, production, operating schedules, etc. This baseline gives an industrial facility the power to track the results of their energy efficiency initiatives and render energy stories visually. The platform’s reporting functionality allows engineers to quickly view baseline vs. actual performance, enter the maintenance and operations actions taken, track projects, and report on energy and cost savings to-date. This allows companies to make intelligent decisions about energy efficiency by gaining insight into how its facilities are performing and which measures are working. Currently, the annual energy savings tracked by SENSEI is over 750,000,000 kWh, according to the company.

cascade energy image reducedCascade says SENSEI is unique among energy monitoring applications because it does more than merely monitor consumption, but also changes behavior by connecting people to energy information, actions to results, and energy efficiency projects to measurable returns. To make these connections SENSEI integrates energy data, key performance drivers, and action tracking across a single platform. When industrial companies save energy and operational expense, they increase their competitive edge and improve their resilience in the face of an ever-changing marketplace.

One Cascade client running a large food distribution enterprise launched an initiative to reduce energy use. As part of that program Cascade introduced SENSEI to help them monitor use, track energy performance, and understand the impact of their energy improvements. With SENSEI, their facilities now see and share their energy data and performance metrics. Their operations staff has instant access to real-time information about energy-saving actions taken, and all stakeholders can see whether a change helps or hurts energy performance. At 110 sites, the company achieved a 38% reduction in energy intensity over seven years. During that time their energy spend remained flat, while their energy rate increased 23% and their facility cubic feet increased 20%.

A judge complimented the product on its web-based capabilities, energy analytics, focus on industrial operations, and focus on the human factors, adding that it is especially good in its integration with existing MES software in manufacturing.