Caterpillar Inc. Cat 336E H Hybrid Excavator | Caterpillar Inc.

“A game-changing product that involves genuinely innovate technology supported by a large number of patents. The performance benefits over comparable, non-hybrid machines are well tested and documented. The clearly quantified payback/ROI estimate would make this a sensible investment for even the most financially aggressive company.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

The Cat 336E H hydraulic hybrid excavator helps customers dramatically reduce their operating costs and their carbon footprint, delivering fuel economy and efficiency without any loss of power or productivity, the company says. Customers can expect to use up to 25% less fuel than the standard 336E machine doing the same work, which translates up to 66 tons less CO2 produced. The 336E H Hybrid is more than 98% recycleable, just like the standard 336E.

caterpillar image reducedThe new Cat 336E H Hybrid excavator features hybrid technology that uses durable, field-proven Cat hydraulic components as the foundation and adds key building blocks that conserve fuel, optimize performance, and reuse energy. The new hybrid excavator uses the high power density of hydraulics to help customers significantly lower operating costs.

To develop the 336E H Hybrid, the company interviewed more than 300 people from around the world to discuss their fuel consumption and environmental challenges. Their input helped develop the Cat Hydraulic Hybrid System, a system with more than 300 patents filed. Comprehensive studies using operators from all over the world were conducted over many months to validate productivity and fuel efficiency, and the results were consistent: the 336E H Hybrid uses up to 25% less fuel per hour than the company’s standard 36-ton model without any compromise in performance. Assuming today’s fuel prices and a high-production application, Caterpillar estimates customers will recover their incremental hybrid investment in as little as one year, with 18 months typical. Several customers are reporting even greater fuel savings, which will make the payback period even better.

Caterpillar says the new machine is the first and only commercially available hydraulic hybrid excavator. It is also the largest and most productive hybrid excavator. The machine comes with several built-in safety features, including a cab-integrated roll-over-protection structure (ROPS), anti-skid surfaces, programmable halogen lights, and rearview camera system. The hybrid drains accumulated oil pressure after “key off” for added safety.

As one judge said, the product “embodies well-defined aspects of all three elements of sustainable business: environment (energy and emissions), financial, and people.”