Digital Lumens: Ending a 10-Year Search for Intelligent Lighting at Creed Monarch | Digital Lumens

“I praise the rigorous 10-year search employed by Creed Monarch to find a more sustainable lighting solution and to Digital Lumens for providing comprehensive solutions which delivered energy, cost, and operational benefits. Achieving resource reductions in the 75%-90% range is a great achievement and testament to the technology.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

A contract manufacturing company with customers in industries from automotive and aerospace to munitions and hardware, Creed Monarch has a commitment to industry leadership – including “green” innovation and sustainability. The company embarked on a research, testing and selection process to implement a high-efficiency LED solution that answers sustainability requirements while meeting the operational and cost savings needs of its 140,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. Ultimately, Creed Monarch implemented Digital Lumens’ Intelligent LED Lighting System, saving approximately 1 million kWh of energy annually – representing energy use reductions of 75% to 90% through lighting alone.

digital lumens creed monarch before, reducedThe management team spent 10+ years searching for a lighting solution that met all its criteria. The solution needed to match work patterns, which required taking equipment on- and off-line frequently, based on customer demand. At any given time, workstations and storage spaces may be unoccupied, providing opportunity for energy savings by turning off individual or groups of lights in unused areas. When considering the critical factors for moving forward with a lighting retrofit, the management team realized two factors for success: integrated sensors and centralized control. The team also demanded a solution with light output and quality that would support a stellar work environment.

The Digital Lumens system helped Creed Monarch reach sustainability goals through:

–Energy savings: lighting energy savings of 75% to 90% within the first year; maintenance costs are also low (fixture lifetimes are in excess of 50,000 hours).

–Fast ROI: savings approximately $108,000 per year and incentives from utility companies will help Creed Monarch realize a rapid payback.

–Centralized control: with occupancy sensors and wireless networking integrated into every fixture, the team has control and flexibility to manage lighting in every area.

–“Off means off:” unlike traditional fixtures, Digital Lumens LEDs use no energy while turned off, nor does performance decrease over time based on the number of times the lights are switched on and off.

digital lumens creed monarch after, reducedCreed Monarch president Richard Creed says Digital Lumens is “two generations ahead” of other companies in the market, integrating sensors, software (controls) and hardware (fixtures) into one platform. This helped Creed Monarch re-think its approach to lighting, allowing the team to group fixtures according to machine usage, isolate and control specific fixtures, program lighting according to time of day/day of week and other factors, and learn from lighting usage patterns to optimize operations.

As one judge said: “A very good case study, with significant benefit to the owner.”

(Pictured: Creed Monarch before installation, above; Creed Monarch after, below)