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“An innovative approach at the device level, as a number of existing technologies have no intelligence or ability to communicate to other devices. LightRules gives building owners and operators actionable data in which to make informed decisions with positive impacts that reduce energy consumption and spend. You can clearly see the benefits of this product in terms of resource reduction and efficiency.”
Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

LightRules Power helps industrial facility managers to maximize energy savings, reduce operational expenses and achieve sustainability goals by turning Digital Lumens’ intelligent LED lighting system into an intelligence gathering solution for energy use across all systems, the company says. The software measures and monitors energy usage on any piece of equipment or system in an industrial facility, leveraging the lighting network to gather power-consumption data from other circuits and systems into integrated LightRules reports. With that information, facility managers can evaluate system and circuit performance and other KPIs. Using power-monitoring hardware, LightRules Power gathers real-time power and energy data from other circuits and systems, giving facility managers a single, integrated view of energy use and cost by system.

digital lumens light rules power image reducedIndustrial facilities don’t generally have large networks installed, beyond RFID, which makes comprehensive energy monitoring and management more challenging. LightRules Power leverages the intelligent lighting network, which is deployed as part of the Intelligent LED Lighting System, and overlays power monitoring capabilities without requiring facilities to install another/separate network or system. This gives companies a single, integrated view of energy use across the entire business. By using an information-gathering network already in place within Digital Lumens’ Intelligent LEDs, LightRules Power lets companies quickly see and understand energy loads across the facility and identify opportunities for optimization and cost savings.

Introduced in October of 2013, the company says it is already helping customers monitor operations and optimize equipment utilization rates. Customers include Atlas Box and Crating, a leading supplier of packaging, which has already found that LightRules Power illustrates machinery utilization rates and schedules, helping the company forecast capacity and energy use.

One judge said LightRules Power seems like a great technology because it uses existing LED light systems to monitor other usage, saving investment dollars and providing necessary information to make energy management decisions. Another said that just about any business implementing it will see some energy savings.