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“This solves two real challenges at once – what to do with used tires and how to reduce demand on petroleum or bio products for construction and flooring. Another product born out of genuine sustainability-focused thinking, manufactured in a sustainable business work environment and with significant people-related benefits in terms of its ability to reduce the injury impact of falls."
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

ECORE’s new Forest rx recycled rubber health care flooring uses up to 95% post-consumer recycled rubber, which fulfills ergonomic design objectives and also meets sustainability goals.

ecore image reducedECORE creates new ways to reuse scrap tires and reduce the nation’s landfills to create “durable, functional and aesthetic surfacing solutions,” the company says. Through ECORE’s itstru technology, the company uses its proprietary recycling capabilities and patent-pending flooring technology to help its partners – including education, retail, corporate and healthcare facilities – to reduce their environmental impact and improve facility aesthetics, while saving time and money on costly installations.

The Forest rx commercial flooring product line, launched in September 2013, has been successful because of its unique environmental and ergonomic benefits, ECORE says. The product, through extensive R&D and the use of recycled scrap-tire rubber, is designed to reduce the risk of injury associated with falls; force reduction tests have shown that the fall impact is reduced 16.9% when Forest rx is installed, a crucial feature for nursing homes and healthcare facilities. The product also allows a facility to address issues such as acoustics in patient rooms. The product can reduce the severity of patient or resident injuries and mitigate liability for the owners of healthcare facilities, all while maintaining their sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Additionally, this single, fusion-bonded product offers these benefits without adding time or labor to installation—a significant achievement in the flooring industry, the company says.

ECORE products’ production facilities use ECORE-developed energy efficient processes that use minimal water and little or no heat. ECORE also reuses its own scrap to minimize waste. Through ECORE’s Redeux program, participating building professionals can recycle any ECORE product, including Forest rx, at the end of its useful life. Reclaimed materials are recycled into new flooring, underlayments and industrial products, extending the life of each product manufactured indefinitely and keeping rubber waste out of landfills. This concentration on an energy, material and water efficient manufacturing process is impressive, one judge said.

ECORE says it is North America’s largest consumer of recycled scrap-tire rubber, reusing more than 80 million pounds of reclaimed rubber waste each year—equivalent to keeping more than 2,000 trailer loads of discarded tires out of American’s landfills or conserving more than one million barrels of oil.