Enablon 7.0: The New Enablon Platform | Enablon

“Most comprehensive and broadly adopted sustainability platform in industry.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

Enablon, a software solution for sustainability, EH&S and risk management, is used by 1,000 companies and over 1 million users worldwide.

Enablon’s platform allows companies to manage information in a variety of areas: corporate responsibility and supply chain quality; environment, health, and safety; air, water, waste, and chemicals; regulatory compliance and audit; carbon and energy management; incident and risk prevention; and product stewardship.

enablon image reducedEnablon’s platform stands out in many ways with respect to managing EH&S and energy performance, the company says. The software is engineered as an integrated whole rather than as an assemblage of legacy applications, which is unique in the market. This ensures consistency across all business workflows, increases productivity and accuracy, and helps eliminate silos between departments. Users have the ability to analyze performance from a holistic range of perspectives. Senior executives can monitor enterprise-wide metrics across many sites, in multiple domains — energy, waste, EH&S compliance, supply chain operations, and overall risk—or zoom in on a single variable, such as carbon emissions reduction, site by site.

The platform can process very large volumes of data and can perform advanced analytics, enabling accurate forecasts and better decision-making. This helps reduce operational risk and identify potential opportunities for improvements.

Enablon supports initiatives that deliver gains across multiple areas, including performance (reducing energy, water, and waste volumes), risk (lowering the damages from and frequency of incidents), compliance (cutting the costs of compliance, assurance, and resulting fines), and engagement (enabling dialogue with stakeholders), thus improving corporate reputation and ethical rankings.

One of the unique features of the Enablon platform, the company says, is how it provides an end-end solution to sustainability challenges: companies can not only manage risks and performance across their operations and supply chain, but are also able to engage in a meaningful dialogue with their stakeholders through “Wizness.” One of the biggest differentiators of the platform is its customer community. With more than 1 million users in many of the world’s largest companies, the solutions are continuously evolving and integrating sector-specific business workflow and content.