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“EnerNOC is a leader in demand generation and energy management. They have invested heavily to provide a SaaS based solution, making it easier for customers to implement the solution and lowering the cost of implementation. They've invested heavily on the concept of big data and analytics, building a suite of products to empower users to better manage their energy. They've also invested heavily in figuring out how to collect near real-time energy data from their customers in a seamless fashion.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software and energy expertise provides commercial, industrial and institutional customers with tools to manage energy use and spend. EnerNOC’s applications enable customers to access their real-time energy data, combining dashboarding, data visualization, alerting and reporting to help identify, prioritize and implement energy saving opportunities. Because EnerNOC streams over 1.5 billion readings each month through its platform in real time, DemandSMART and EfficiencySMART Insight can leverage this data through analysis in a way other products can’t, the company says.

enernoc image reducedRecent significant feature updates include the launch of an interactive payments feature for DemandSMART customers, and the new Executive Dashboard feature for EfficiencySMART Insight customers. Interactive payments provide demand response customers with better visibility and transparency into their demand response payments. All payments, current and historical, can be viewed at an executive, business unit, or site level. EnerNOC’s applications already include features such as alerts that notify customers when they are close to energy peaks, allowing them to reduce consumption to avoid peak demand charges; reports that automatically identify and quantify energy savings opportunities; and visualization into their real-time energy data.

The software takes a variety of data – including building data, weather forecasts and occupancy patterns – and presents it in an easy-to-understand format. When customers receive data in real-time, they can react sooner and proactively capture energy savings. Customers can track consumption against a target baseline to ensure buildings are performing at optimal efficiency and reaching energy reduction goals. It also becomes easy for customers to identify anomalies and find areas for improvement.

EnerNOC’s software enables businesses to be more environmentally conscious and has saved customers over $650 million to date. Customers have also saved over 18 million tonnes of CO2 through demand response and energy efficiency. Enabled at nearly 6,000 customers, DemandSMART and EfficiencySMART Insight deliver access to real-time energy data, continuous savings and value to customers across a variety of industries.

As one judge said, “EnerNOC does a good job of combining analytics and data collection both for procurement as well as operations.”