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“Entegreat shows a strong understanding of the industrial energy management space, the specific needs of the industry for automated data collection, analytics, and the need to integrate with legacy production software like MES. Entegreat has also showed the ability to innovate with the use of a cloud-based application on the production floor.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

enCONTEXT is a cloud-based application providing that the company says provides comprehensive insight into customers’ energy profiles and consumption at each manufacturing site. enCONTEXT reduces energy decisions being made in isolation by putting energy in the context of production and providing visibility at all levels, including the plant floor. It allows customers to know which products use the most resources to produce, providing knowledge of energy consumption per each unit of production by shift, production line, and site, in order to restage production and take advantage of the best utility rates. Customers can track energy and water onto a bill-of-materials like any other product part or component.

entegreat image reducedManufacturing companies often do not factor energy consumption into their production planning or execution decision processes because they don’t have the right data in the right context. At best, they monitor efficiency for buildings, and treat energy as overhead cost. Real factors impacting usage and causal relationships are neither visible nor understood. enCONTEXT captures production context with energy usage, tracking all energy: electricity, natural gas, water, fuel, steam, compressed air, and other purchased and site-generated utilities. The product provides visualization of energy consumption during production, displays energy trends and peak consumption alerts, and provides energy consumption data for performance management reporting and analysis.

A global food and beverage company with a 5-year energy target of a $10 million cost reduction through conservation and best operating practices saved millions with the tool, Entegreat says. Annual savings targets were exceeded in most plants. The company realized ROI in larger facilities in less than a year. After the first year, the customer realized more than 5% natural gas savings per barrel, over 9% water savings per barrel, and nearly 6% electricity savings per barrel.

Entegreat says other MES/MOM software providers offer energy monitoring, but generally at macro levels. Other energy monitoring and visualization software, especially cloud-based applications, are focused on energy optimization for buildings, with some secondary adaptation for manufacturers, while Entegreat re-architected its solution to a cloud-based application focused exclusively on manufacturing. The product is quick to implement, has marginal up-front investment, and captures/aggregates data from a broad list of systems and meters, the company says.