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“BOMcheck is a great tool that should be utilized by every manufacturer. The ease of use will only enhance the ability of any business to track and report on any potential hazardous material that may be contained in their product. Armed with this information, companies can work toward reducing their usage of such materials.”

--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

BOMcheck is an industry collaboration led by Siemens, Philips, GE, Osram, Sony Mobile, Toshiba, Agfa, Texas Instruments, TE Connectivity and FUJIFILM (the BOMcheck Steering Group) to share one web database system to manage supply chain compliance with the EU REACH Regulation, RoHS Directive and other regulated substances in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

environ image reducedBOMcheck benefits OEMs because they don’t need to spend time and money building their own material declaration collection systems, training suppliers to use these systems, or keeping these systems up-to-date with constantly changing regulations. It also allows OEMs to achieve an increased quality and response rate for supplier materials declarations.

BOMcheck benefits suppliers because they only have one list of regulated substances to create material declarations against, and only need to learn to use one system to provide material declarations to customers. They also receive expert guidance to create declarations.

Regulations restrict the use of certain heavy metals and brominated flame retardants in Electrical and Electrical Equipment (EEE). Others require manufacturers of EEE to produce technical documentation which demonstrates that their products are compliant. BOMcheck provides tools, along with an adaptable step-by-step guided approach, which enable manufactures to follow regulations and to meet substance declarations and restriction requirements efficiently.

BOMcheck is currently used by over 530 customers to gather materials declarations from over 3,400 suppliers worldwide. To date, these suppliers have published RoHS and REACH materials declarations for more than 1.5 million parts in BOMcheck.

One BOMcheck supplier says, “BOMcheck helps me to respond to the rapidly increasing list of REACH Candidate List substances and to keep my declarations up-to-date.” Another says, “BOMcheck provides a user friendly tool to create standardized declarations which our customers are more and more happy to accept.”

The company says that the most cost-effective, efficient approach to compliance is for suppliers and manufacturers to share one web-based system. BOMcheck is the first system to compile a centralized master database of substance data from suppliers, according to Environ.