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“FoundationFootprint accurately diagnoses one of the biggest pain points in sustainability reporting and provides an innovative solution. Organizations embarking on sustainability rarely have necessary resources to gather and analyze the massive amounts of data required by this undertaking. This software appears to be a comprehensive solution, bringing together all those involved in a particular initiative, and is not just a numbers-reporting system.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

FoundationFootprint manages sustainability goals by automating the collecting and updating of goal data and the dissemination of progress information to stakeholders. Automatic alerts of deviations from expectations ensure that stray goals receive timely attention, thus increasing overall success rates. A single page management view across all goals shows an organization-wide, year-to-date ROI of their sustainability journey. The software is easy, intuitive, and doesn’t require hours of training, FoundationFootprint says.

foundation footprint latest logoOne judge said that “reporting fatigue” is a common complaint, in part because existing tools are so very cumbersome, while FoundationFootprint provides a less labor-intensive, likely more cost-effective, and significantly quicker way to get to the starting gate where actual progress can begin to be measured.

The company says that managing sustainability goals in FoundationFootprint is about two things:

The money: Every individual goal is managed as a business case and requires a sponsor, budget and clearly defined return on investment.

The People: Teams communicate through FoundationFootprint, ensuring that their knowledge and experiences are captured in the system and retained within the organization.

Each goal is presented as a single page business case that can be exported to PDF for review and budget approval.

FoundationFootprint goes beyond what energy and environmental software typically provides around data collection, centralized data repository, analytical tools and reports by actively guiding users through the whole review process from supplier through to global approver, and fully automating the in-depth analysis and reporting of the data. But beyond that, FoundationFootprint recognizes the importance of capturing the experiences and the knowledge within its users and provides a simple and effective way of capturing this, the company says. For companies with a lot of staff, suppliers and auditors involved in environmental reporting, across many countries and cultures, FoundationFootprint provides a clear, efficient way of doing things that makes reporting so much easier and quicker for everyone involved,” said one customer.

Trends show that companies are buying environmental/sustainability software that isn’t working for them, in part because of too much focus on data and not the end-user. FoundationFootprint is built for “people, relationships and creating tangible value for the client,” the company says.