Heineken David XL Green | Heineken

“A very creative product that solves customer problems, reduces costs, and delivers energy and GHG savings. A good example of improving sustainability of product as well as consumer experience.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

Beer needs to be kept fresh and cold to preserve the brewery taste. Traditionally draft beer is stored in cellars far away from the bar. David XL Green stores and chills the beer kegs directly below the counter so the beer does not have to travel far to the tapping point. This ensures that every beer is served at the correct temperature; together with the “green fridge,” this results in 50% lower energy consumption versus conventional draft systems. Additionally, each 20 liter refillable stainless steel keg has a new disposable beer line to avoid potential contaminations that may occur with a conventional installation if not cleaned properly. This results in a longer shelf life of 30 days for David kegs, compared with just three days for standard draught systems.

heineken image reducedOutlet owners benefit from an easy to use system, no beer losses, no cleaning costs, low maintenance and 50% lower energy costs compared to even the newest conventional draft systems available. This consistent quality builds consumer trust and loyalty.

Inspiration for the product came from the Heineken’s CSR program, Brewing a Better Future. Green Cooling is one of its main focal points, as cooling represents about 29% of the company’s total carbon footprint. For 2020, Heineken has the ambition to reduce its cooling footprint by 50% for refrigerators, and David XL green contributes toward that goal. Since its introduction in the summer of 2012, David XL Green has been launched in 25 countries in Europe, Africa & Middle East, Asia and the Americas (not yet in US). The David XL Green can be built into a bar or comes in a mobile version on wheels. It has been installed in more than 1500 outlets. In terms of total cost of beer losses, cleaning and energy costs the David XL Green saves the outlet owner around 1,000 to 1,200 Euros a year depending on local beer price and annual sales volume.