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“Impressive innovation in design and subsequent energy savings; also impressive business growth since 2012. Indow Window offers a fast and easy way to reduce air and solar infiltration through existing windows, yielding significant energy savings. By reducing energy usage, Indow also helps to decrease demand on the electricity grid and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions simultaneously.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

Windows lose an average 30% of heating or cooling energy, the number one source of energy loss from buildings. Indow Windows cut the energy lost through windows by up to 66% by doubling the window’s R-Value, sealing out cold drafts and hot air infiltration, and raising the median room surface temperature. The windows have a warmer surface temperature than most double pane windows, which increases occupant comfort without adjusting the thermostat. Independent pilot studies by Portland State University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory determined that Indow Windows reduce a residential structure’s heating or cooling load by approximately 20%, while reducing noise coming through windows by 50% to 70%.

indow windows image reducedIndow Windows deliver double-pane window performance at a fraction of the cost, the company says. Reduced energy consumption cuts an end-user’s carbon footprint, while existing windows are preserved, avoiding landfill disposal. Indow Windows use approximately 50% less material than replacement windows and produce 50% less carbon to manufacture and ship.

Indow Windows have the simplest possible mechanical design. The acrylic glazing is edged with a patented silicone compression tube and simply presses inside window frames without any mounting bracket. Each insert is the exact shape of the window frame’s interior but slightly larger so that when installed the tubing compresses, creating a spring force that holds the insert in place. While extremely simple, the Compression Tube serves five functions: a spring, a seal, an expansion joint to accommodate thermal expansion, a noise vibration dampener, and an architectural detail.

Since beginning its national expansion in September 2012, the company has established 62 dealers in 28 states, and 6,000 Indow Windows have been installed in over 800 residences and business across the US.

Competing interior storm window solutions have inferior aesthetics, more complicated installation, limited distribution and fail to deal elegantly with out of square window frames, the company says, adding that double pane replacement windows are much more expensive. Indow also says that no other window insulation solution is non-destructive, leaving the existing windows completely unmodified.