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“SoFi scores in terms of ease of use, adaptability (customizable) and the results that it can deliver across aspects like energy, water, GHG emissions, safety, compliance, etc. Offers industry leading sustainability services and expertise with a strong compliment of software solutions.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

PE International’s SoFi software enables organizations to deliver granular and audit-proof information to manage and improve the complete sustainability information landscape of multinational corporations.

PE International image reducedSoFi offers organizational and product lifecycle sustainability improvement by applying best practices and scenario models across the value chain, the company says. Customers can reap cost savings through efficiency improvements in energy and material consumption, and by applying sustainability metrics in all stages of the product lifecycle process. ROI validation comes through energy modeling and trend analysis of main energy drivers. Companies can also generate increased revenue through higher sustainability ratings and performance on product level and across the value chain. Data collection, aggregation, conversion, validations, and reporting save companies time, including faster time to disclosure because of a streamlined data collection process, disclosure management tools and workflows. Audit-proof reporting for relevant standards are delivered easily, and payback compared to an Excel-based approach usually takes less than a year, the company says. Its ability to integrate both LCA (GaBi software) and the supply chain allows companies to lower business risks, increase efficiencies and drive revenue with better green product portfolios.

SoFi’s expanded capabilities include:

–A holistic approach incorporating value chain assessment and LCA results.

–Energy management features like energy modeling, regression analysis, and a trend-finder for energy drivers.

–A four-step approach to improve sustainability performance: identify low performers, create business cases for improvement measures, monitor implementation projects, and validate results.

–Integration with utility data provider minimizes data collection efforts.

–Disclosure Management accelerates and streamlines reporting.

–EHS features include compliance management, incident reporting, employee engagement, programs and auditing.

The product supports a broad range of applications ranging from EH&S, energy, and carbon management to sustainability reporting.

Managed content for disclosure standards includes a comprehensive impact profile library with over 10,000 factors including emission factors, as well as risk, financial and other environmental aspects, PE International says.

A benchmark database with over 15,000 industry profiles from proprietary and public sources offers best practices, with over 130,000 improvement suggestions including average savings, investment cost and ROI information integrated in the forecasting module for scenario modeling.

The company says SoFi assists over 100 companies worldwide to measure their complex corporate and plant level sustainability KPIs and manage corporate-wide sustainability initiatives.