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Software Defined Power is an amazing tool to optimize power load at data centers to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Its tie into the power grid also enables large power users, like data centers, to work with local utilities to level out electricity usages during peak demand. Best of all, it’s automated and virtually zero risk, so the system does all the hard work for you.

Analyst agree that utilization in traditional data centers is as low as 10 to 20 percent, which translates to around $30 billion in wasted power costs and 185 million tons of unnecessary carbon emissions every year. Power Assure’s Software Defined Power solution – which judges called “an economic win” – can reduce energy consumption by 50% or more by powering down unnecessary idle servers, and powering them back on in response to application demand, according to the company. Software Defined Power also allows data centers to take advantage of global energy markets, and participate in demand response programs, providing opportunities to tap into new revenue sources, the company says.

SDP Manager DisplayPower Assure provides everything needed to implement Software-Defined Power in data centers. The keys to implementation are the purpose-built appliances (physical or virtual) that create the layer of abstraction with a data center’s power infrastructure, IT assets and environmental controls. The appliance also integrates with existing equipment inventory databases and systems, system and network management solutions, IT component interfaces and virtualization services. A data repository, including critical reference data on the IT equipment’s power consumption, is needed when shifting and shedding application workloads, and can be either on-premises in a data center or hosted in Power Assure’s cloud data centers.

In addition to inside intelligence and integration capabilities within a company’s data centers, information on the energy market and utility grid status is essential for making decisions about when and where to migrate application workloads throughout the day. The energy market information available in Power Assure Software Defined Power includes: real time and day-ahead pricing; DR events (via the industry-standard OpenADR protocol); other power quality and reliability alerts; and long-term energy forecasts. This information is combined with data center operating schedules and forecast models of server capacity, based on co-developed patents from the Palo Alto Research Center, to automate he shifting and shedding of workloads.

Automation is essential to ensure that the steps involved in shifting/shedding workloads and re-/de-activating servers are performed in the proper sequence, without errors.  Power Assure utilizes runbooks to automate the multiple and parallel tasks from standard operating procedures involved for both the IT and facility systems.  Any runbook, whether event-driven, ongoing or scheduled, can be tested and refined until perfected to assure its error-free and secure operation.