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“Practically Green offers an interactive, employee facing solution for engagement and capturing sustainability related information via a ‘gamification’ format. This encourages a much higher level of employee engagement, which is vital to sustainability initiative success.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

Practically Green digital sustainability employee engagement programs help organizations empower people to make healthier, more sustainable choices at work, home, and in their communities.

practically green image reducedThe company uses interactive technology, including proprietary content, social and game mechanics, to drive behavior change by improving people’s ability and motivation to take action. The technology is provided as a private label, enterprise SaaS mobile and web platform and suite of programs, which can be customized and configured to the sustainability goal of clients and end-users. In addition to inspiring action, the platform enables companies to measure the financial and environmental benefits of changes being made, connecting employee engagement in sustainability to overall business performance.

One judge called Practically Green a “very interesting product that makes good use of information technology to promote sustainability through connecting and engaging employees.”

Practically Green takes influence from two behavior design models to influence behavior change: BJ Fogg, from the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab; and Robert Cialdini’s work on the psychology of persuasion. The core of the platform is a set of theme-based engagement projects with a series of actions for users to work on as individuals or teams. Collaboration, competition and discovery are critical components of the user experience. The platform also uses the power of “social norming,” positive feedback, public accountability and recognition to motivate and inspire, via tagging, uploading photos, and commenting/liking, as well as points for completing actions, leaderboards for individual and team standings, goals, achievements and levels.

Across Practically Green’s portfolio, clients are reporting annual savings of up to $123 per employee, and employee participation rates are as high as 85%. In addition, users have completed over 1,000,000 sustainability and social responsibility actions (for a cumulative KwH reduction of 6,600 megawatts). And companies report being able to engage employees who previously were not interested in sustainability.

The platform is configurable so that it reflects the sustainability goals and initiatives of a company. It also integrates seamlessly into the corporation, driving up usage, engagement and impact significantly versus other platforms. And it offers an extremely large collection of proven behavior change projects to use in numerous categories: energy, waste, environmental health, water, social impact, and citizenship, which help maintain engagement. Finally, Practically Green has a robust connection between action and the business impact to help clients reinforce the business case for engaging employees in sustainability, the company says.