TSO Logic Application-Aware Power Management | TSO Logic

“This seems like a big idea with scalable applications and material impact. New ways of delivering decision-quality data and actionable analysis is a very useful contribution!”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

TSO Logic’s Application-Aware Power Management software enables companies to cut their energy costs and environmental impact by providing deep-level visibility and control over power consumption in datacenters. Taking advantage of periods of low workload, power usage can be reduced as much as 50%, resulting in significant reductions in carbon emissions and operating expenses. TSO’s software correlates power usage/costs and IT workload across individual servers and applications. This allows companies to identify idle or underutilized servers for precise capacity planning, attach power costs to individual applications, measure and track carbon emissions, track wasted energy usage/costs, perform capacity shifting to optimize capacity levels and provide tracking of efficiency/performance improvements to meet sustainability objectives. It operates without any impact to datacenter performance or the user’s experience and requires no additional hardware, agent software, or disruptive changes to the infrastructure.

TSO Logic image reducedDatacenters consume 3% of global electricity production, yet the average datacenter wastes as much as 90% of electrical energy on idle servers, the company says. Datacenters have highly variable workloads, but to prepare for spikes in demand, servers run at full power 24/7, even when there is no revenue to justify the cost. TSO Logic says its solution is unique in its ability to intuitively power control servers to eliminate the energy and heat generated from idle servers, thereby improving efficiency. It provides visibility to measure and track data such as transaction costs per kWh, cost per application and other metrics that demonstrate how application performance can affect power costs, environmental footprint and profitability.

For example, Arc Productions, an animation and visual effects studio, was facing monthly energy bills from their datacenter surmounting $25,000. They began using TSO Logic’s solution and discovered that half their servers were idle 69% of the time. By adjusting server power levels, they reduced power consumption/costs by 56%, on track to save between $463,000 and $596,000 over the next 5 years. They also identified that 20% of their total server farm was underutilized. They replaced nearly half of these servers with more efficient technology, increasing their performance by 400%, and reducing the number of servers being powered. They also associated power costs with individual projects, performed precise capacity planning, and implemented capacity shifting to defer premium power rates during peak demand periods.

As one judge said, this product offers a lot of benefit and is a solid solution with impact.