Verisae Vx Energy Management | Verisae

“Good analytics, and phased approach gives needed process support to companies. It provides an integrated maintenance, energy, and sustainability management platform.”
--Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards judge

Verisae’s Energy Management solution gives retailers the ability to measure, manage, and monitor energy on one integrated platform. It provides a deep understanding of both supply and demand side energy as well as energy related projects. The Verisae Platform acts as a data warehouse, correlating real-time energy data (from EMS, meters, and sub-meters) with utility bill data and site data as well as equipment maintenance events and energy anomalies. Organizations can track energy usage at category or asset levels, set benchmarks, reveal anomalies in real-time, and audit processes to reveal savings. Verisae’s Energy Analytics leverage the data warehouse to provide centralized analysis of energy consumption, usage patterns, impact of maintenance activity, equipment telemetry, weather, energy efficiency projects, and other site events. Verisae integrates this data with its workflow engine to help retailers move from cost containment to cost reduction, allowing them to use less energy every day and save millions.

verisae image reducedThe company’s phased approach is an energy management system that is used to control energy costs and achieve success at each step. For example, phase one might be to create a central repository for energy information, beginning with existing, readily available utility bill and site attribute data that can be easily uploaded. Phase two would use reports and dashboards to uncover site consumption anomalies and utility bill errors, use consumption data for improved energy project prioritization, and use advanced project tracking and forecasting with further benchmarking and alerting of store trending. Phase three would identify anomalies in real-time and rectify issues before they become costly. The predictive analytics intelligence will rule out false alarms and reduce unnecessary service calls, Verisae says.

Often, because of the magnitude of the data, limited resources, or the need for complex correlation, large and protracted energy saving opportunities are missed. Simply having visibility, finding unrealized cost savings, and the ability to report effectively to Energy Star has been a major win for customers, the company says. Users have been able to utilize data from our system to show an extremely high rate of correlation between issues raised through predictive analytics and avoided equipment failures, saving time, money, and product loss. In one example, projected ROI was achieved in half the time expected, and with only half of the implementation completed.

Said one judge, “The product scores on ease of use, adaptability (customizable) and the immediate results that it can deliver.”