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SunPower Tops List of Best Solar Panel Manufacturers

SunPower makes the best solar panels in the world and Kaco makes the best inverters in the world and Direct Power and Water makes the best mounting systems in the world, according to new research conducted by ENF among directors of photovoltaic installation companies in 45 different countries.

The directors were asked to name which brands of photovoltaic components they have purchased in the last 12 months, and rate the products for their quality and value for money.  An average of these two scores has been used to find the companies whose customers thought most highly of their products. 

The top ranking companies receiving awards are:

Solar Panels
No.1 in World – SunPower (USA)
No.2 in World – Schott Solar (Germany)
No.3 in World – SolarWorld (Germany)

Best Product Quality – Sanyo (Japan)

Best Value for Money – Suntech (China)

Solar Inverters
No.1 in World – Kaco (Germany)
No.2 in World – OutBack (USA)
No.3 in World – Mastervolt (USA)

Best Product Quality – OutBack (USA)

Best Value for Money – Kaco (Germany)

Solar Mounting Systems
No.1 in World – Direct Power and Water (USA)
No.2 in World – UniRac (USA)
No.3 in World – Schuco (Germany)

Solar Trackers
No.1 in World -? Zomeworks (USA)

Solar PV Systems
No.1 in World -? Sharp (Japan)

The research found that 49 percent of companies thought the cell brand in a panel was important, and the most commonly named cell brands that installation companies thought were high quality were Sharp, Q-Cells and BP Solar.

Another key finding was that the average price installers paid for their solar panels in 2006 was $4.16 per Watt.  Installers in Europe paid on average 10 percent more for their panels than installers in Asia Pacific.

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72 thoughts on “SunPower Tops List of Best Solar Panel Manufacturers

  1. I live in the state of Kansas in the United States. The state has recently passed legislation that makes it profitable to set-up an PV system and make a profit. I am interested in buying a 10 kW system and need to know how much the entire start-up costs will be. Thank You very much for any help you can provide me.

  2. I am looking for some manufacturers and distributors of solar panes. I am interested sell solar equipment and I need good prices and better quality. Please if you are interested to have a representative in the Caribbean area please contact me at: solarcaribbe@hotmail.com

  3. Chris Thompson comments about recent legislation in Kansas which makes it profitable to set up a PV system. I am also from Kansas as a PV installer and am unfamiliar with this legislation. Can Chris be more specific? Thanks

    Bill Dorsett
    Manhattan, KS

  4. As a developer and property owner I also distribute various building products. ICF, cultured stone and concrete pavers, I would like to have a good solar panel that I can incorporate into my busines here in Ohio, and I am looking for guidance.

  5. I have clients asking for solar roof tile for residential and commercial installation. I would be interested to learn more to be able to offer/sell and install this type of unit. Thanks for any help

  6. A well known solar panel related co is putting a plant nearby my place. I wonder what harm can it contribute to the local environment? Will it involve in smelting of metals or will there be any gas emit to the air? Tq

  7. I would like to start of a company in installation of solar pannels in UAE.I am alrady in the industry in the installation of high power cables like 11kv,33kv and 133kv and i have 160 stafs to do the job.If you are interested can you please contact me in email.

  8. I am looking for a joint venture partner to develop a 3 MW solar project in California. The transmission lines serving this property will be increased and then this project can also be increased.

  9. Hello, My friend and I are starting an Electrical Contracting business in Ohio. We are looking for information on solar and wind power. We want to be the first Union company in Ohio to handle the installation and sales of solar and wind products. Any info would be helpfull. Thanks

  10. I live in mid-Virginia. I am setting up a solar sales and service company. I have the corporation and funding set and the licensing nearly complete. Now I want to become a dealer for a good solar manufacturer but can’t seem to generate much interest.

  11. I would like to be a manufacturer of this solar panel in my country Malaysia, as the demand is good and also environmental friendly . I am seriously need to know what is the best option i should make.

  12. I live just outside of Salt lake City, Utah in a city called Bountiful. I want to start my own pv system biz. I have interested commercial building and residential owners. I also have contractors ready to become involved in installation. I am sort of at a stand still on what to do as far as start up cost. I am a person that really wants to help make a difference in the betterment of our environment. I have always had an interest in solar power. I think i have enough knowledge of the process to get people interested in purchasing a system both residential and commercial. I need to get pricing info and some funding tips. Thank you very much!

    The next ecopreneur

  13. I have a two Kila Watt Solar Panel system and wish to change the braces to central control system to raise and lower the Panels.
    Marlin H. Brown

  14. seems like we’re all having the same issue…. we want to become dealers for solar systems but are having problems finding a manufacturer to let us sell their product. I’ve been looking for a few months and can’t seem to find someone to become a dealer for.

  15. I am planning to start solar energy installation company. I am looking for cost effective solar panel manufacturers. if interested please email me at this site.

  16. i am looking to get all my neighbours in the local village to buy and get installed solar panels and become a test area, we south west of London Uk and i am looking for the best type and make of panel for the northern hemisphere any feedback would be much appreciated. cheers

  17. Hello, My friend and I are starting an Electrical Contracting business in India. We are looking for information on solar and wind power. We want to be the first Union company in India to handle the installation and sales of solar and wind products. Any info would be helpfull. Thanks

  18. I am an installer, looking for a manufacturer/supplier to provide me with continuous inventory and possibly become a local representative for your product. I specialize in PV systems that at times incorporates a wind turbine to supply 15A for a period of 6 hours per day. I am not looking for one panel here and there but for a reliable source. Any help would be appreciated. Thannk you in advance.

  19. Hello, I own a company in Greece. I am looking for information on solar and wind power. I want to be the first Solar & Wind power company in Greece to handle the installation and sales of solar and wind products. I am looking for manufacturers interested in a partnership.

  20. we are in the commercial and residential fence business for 40 years and have a thought to starting a pv sales and installation division. Would anyone have any insight as to to how we would get started as well as a reputable manufactuer that we may contact. We are located on Long Island< New York. Any input we be greatly appreciated.

  21. I am looking for some manufacturers and distributors of solar panes. I am interested sell solar equipment and I need good prices and better quality. Please if you are interested to have a representative in india area please contact me mail: nallurchennai@gmail.com

  22. I will be going to do my second three year retreat in October 2010, at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center in Arizona. We are building cabins which will require solar panels. Please help us, if you can by donating some solar panels. Contact info-
    Lama Pelma, P.o.box 22, Bowie, Arizona 85605- 520-847-2112-anipelma@hotmail.com. We really need all the help that we can get to start this holy journey which will enable us to better service others in the future.

  23. I am an electrical contractor in Western NY and would like to expand my business by installing and distributing solar panels,inverters, UPS systems and residential/farm windmills. Can you help?

  24. This is ataur from Bangladesh is doing trading business in the field of renewable energy , specially on solar energy for electrification in residential & commercial use. Our company wanna to establish a full set-up for manufacturing of PV modules in Bangladesh very soon. So, all concerned are requested to connect with to work with us to set the manufacturing plant for PV panles/modules as turnkey basis or please provide the list of such supplier those are working to set up of manufacturing plant for PV modules. Thanks

  25. I am working on starting a business installing solar systems for residential homes and cabins.I need a very durable product that can handle the harsh winters in MN. Any information would be great!! I am looking to offer one brand that has a very good reputation.

  26. I am a adviser & installer of solar system, heating & photovoltaïque,very interrested in selling all components of the system, i am loocking for a manufacturer / supplyer. Also solar system been a very evolutived and continuers developping thecnologie i wold like also to be up dated on the eventuals evolutions. I am live in the caribbean on the beautifull island of saint-martin. i wold like to know if there is specifique material for this islands that are ofthing expose to hurrican. I am interrested in represanting you products in my island.Pleased let me know of all eventuality.

  27. Hi!

    I am looking forward to exploring and investing in renewable energy. We are an established Energy and Infra contracting form, executing contracts for various defence establishments in India. We look forward to manufacturing solar panels/products like water haters, street lights..etc…Anybody interested in JV or helping us set this up in Mumbai,India…please revert


  29. Dear Sir
    We are planning to build a small solar farm for a client. This farm will be 14 M2(5,50mX2,50m) to produce up to 2 KW.

    Electricity will be connected directly by a synchronous inverter to the electrical circuit of a big private company. The system must be CEE aprouved.
    we would really appreciate any information you could provide to assist us with this project.

  30. I want to start up a solar distribution and installation company in Ghana my country as there is no recognized firm that deals with that and the people down here experience rampant power outs from the only one source.Any person interested in partnering with me to set up this venture is welcomed as the enviroment is good with a virgin market for this products serious partners or investors could contact me.

  31. Proposal to utilise solar panel for electricity generation.Sunlight derived from parabolic reflective dish at International Space Station or NASA designated area.Backbone material is recycle aluminium can transform into aluminium sheet.Fitted with mirror surface to reflect sunlight onto solar panel to generate electricity. Would you be interested to participate in sustainable energy project?

  32. I want to start a solar panel installation in my mother country GHANA in which there is no sort recognized firm.Since there is only one power source in my country that is hydro power and since big firms in may state depends on electrical power to increase productivity,i strongly believe that most big firms would move for such an exclusive offer.serious peoples and organization should contact me.Thank u

  33. HI my name is Junaid i live in the UK.I am currently looking to go into the solar energy business mainly to export to Pakistan as there is a huge demand out there due to the ongoing energy crisis.If there are any compan
    ies that are interested in this field please get in contact with me

  34. I am looking for a manufacturer of solar panel, I live with in the South West Miami area and is looking to be a distributor

  35. We plan to install nine solar stations 50 Kw each in Israel, overall, 450 Kw. Looking for a company that can give competitive prices (transportation and installment shall be included)

  36. Can you tell me the approximate cost per Sq/ft installation of solar panels.
    Thank you
    would appreciate your product details for distribution in my country.

  37. Hi My Company have got a tender to supply solar panels solar lighting systems and water pumps.I would wish to know more about your quality,The FOB price and the time of delivery.
    hope to here from you soon
    Mugisha ROBERT

  38. Hi,
    I wat to start my own busines in solar panel sale and installing and i am doing research in costs of all expenses- I am interested in poli and mono christalyne solar cells- what is the cost and can i buy it from your manufacture? Please contact me as soon as possible

  39. I am going to re-roof my house. I live in the Middle Georgia area and was wanting to put solar energy panels into the roofing project. I would like to to know the best panels to use and some company recommendations who do the work. I am close enough to be considered in the Atlanta area. I need a good lead on this to get the project started.



  40. Chinese manufacturers are unnecessarily diluting the third world market. There should have minimum restriction on their style otherwise they will deprive the quality panel manufacturers and the customers as well.

  41. I am looking for solar cells in defects and rejects that I can use in experiments etc. If you can supply me with such please quote mininum orders up thru pallet guantities.

    Thank you for your help,

    Ward Rearick
    2456 East Chicago
    Jonesville, Michigan

  42. I am a General Contractor in Florida but I want so much to be able to start a company for the selling and installing of the solar systems. Where can I get the necessary education and supplies.

  43. I am a General Contractor bidding a public works project.
    What is the cost of 266 SUNPOWER panels of 318 Watt each?

  44. Im looking for any international company that supply solar panels and kits to partner with me in selling and installations here in Zimbabwe.I have such a wide client base that include farms,schools and supermarkets and home industries who are in dire need of renewable energy.Dont hesitate to contact me on:+263772685129 or email on: nyashavet@hotmail.com

  45. We are looking for a company who can provide us complete solar pwoer system for Pakistan. After going through your ability, production capacity, qulaity, price and backup support we may become your business partner/distibutor.
    Kindly given us relevent information ASAP.
    M. Javaid Yousaf

  46. Sir,
    I will like to introduce you to a business that can change both of our life. My boss wants to come to India and buy some chemical for animal drugs and we can get this chemical only in India.

    I will give you the contact of the local dealer in India so that you can buy from them and sell to my boss at a very high price. The local dealer is selling the chemical at the rate of $35,000 dollars and my boss will buy it from you at the rate of $65,000 dollars per one liter Gallon. And you and I will share the gain you will make from my boss.

    If you are interested I will forward the full contact of my boss to you, so that you can contact him for more discussion regarding the business and I will still give you the contact of the local dealer in India.

    I’m waiting to hear from you.

    Mr. John Mensah
    Phone: +233-541928254
    Email: menssah1@ymail.com

  47. I am looking for some manufacturers and distributors of solar panes. I am interested sell solar equipment and I need good prices and better quality. Please if you are interested to have a representative in the Caribbean area please contact me at: solarcaribbe@hotmail.com

  48. I am looking for venture capital/investment opportunities in solar and clean energy projects, preferably in developing nations in S.E. Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Also available as an international sales representative for foreign manufacturers looking to break into the American market, or U.S. companies looking to expand abroad. E-mail me at jonoman586@gmail.com if interested.

  49. Iam a electrical person and at present doing bisness on varies things live in uk. thinging to do solar system in srilanka.mainly to interduce to poor people with efordable price.first of all like to discuse about solar and windmill sytems. please reply.

  50. SET limited is a Hongkong based connector manufacturer, we are able to produce solar series connectors and junction box, all of them are TUV certificited.
    Any one who need solar connector or junction box, please e-mail me at: kevin(dot)long(at)sky-eagle(dot)com

  51. Hi, I just want to know how much it will cost me in buying solar to produce electricity in our house? Not just for panel but also a battery back up , switch “on-off” if not using it, converter or whatsoever …..etc. apologize coz I don’t have knowledge about solar parts or unit to buy, all I want is to have a electricity power from the solar. I don’t have a business account i just want to have this for personal use only. PLS. Email me back and hope you could accommodate my question…
    Thanks and God bless….Ross

  52. We are a General Engineering Company based in Iran, looking for a manufacturer of solar and wind power system .We would like to be the first private company in Iran, which can handle the installation and sales of solar and wind products. Any respectable manufacturers interested in a partnership please contact us via given e-mail.

    Also we are available as an international sales representative for foreign manufacturers looking to break into the American market, or U.S. companies looking to expand abroad.

  53. We want to start a solar power installation and maintenance business in Nigeria and the West African region and we would like to partner with you as we desire to be the biggest solar energy platform in this region. Please let’s have your feedback ASAP.

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