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Survey: Midwesterners Aware of Alt Fuel & Vehicles, Not Much Else

Eighty-seven percent of homeowners in the Midwest consider the development of alternative energy products and processes to be very important to critical. However, less than one percent are aware of any alternative energy technology outside of what has been talked about relative to vehicles and the use of alternative fuel, according to a survey (PDF) from Intellitrends and Geo-Renew Systems.

Only one in five agree that the U.S. is currently on track or ahead of the increasing need for alternative energy initiatives. Forty percent of U.S. homeowners agree that they are very to extremely aware of alternative energy initiatives for vehicles; however, in terms of alternative energy specific energy saving technologies in their home, 84 percent of homeowners point first to “energy efficient appliances” followed next by “low-E window glass,” cited by only 39 percent. Awareness or understanding of alternative technologies such as solar panels, geothermal, photovoltaic solar heat, and wind turbine systems was less than one percent.

When asked “Who should take the lead in advancing alternative energy sources?” 72 percent point to the Federal Government, but 59 percent also feel that business can take a leadership role by the products it develops and sells.

U.S. homeowners are open to new technology for alternative energy sources for two primary reasons; first, to reduce the U.S. dependence on other sources and countries and secondly, as an alternative to rising gas and electric costs.

Sixty-two percent of U.S. homeowners say they are very to extremely willing to invest in home products that operate on renewable energy sources with over one-third willing to pay a premium of six percent to ten percent more for technologies that offering reduction on current energy dependence.

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2 thoughts on “Survey: Midwesterners Aware of Alt Fuel & Vehicles, Not Much Else

  1. Interesting that the point of the article (from the title) seems to be to classify the midwest as alternative energy idiots rather than a good study on what technologies are available NOW or soon will be in the midwest — or the rest of the country for that matter. The survey should have been about what people are doing NOW all over the country rather than simply awareness. That would be more productive.

    Why the 4 states chosen? I know ethanol, biofuel, and wind energy technology are all used in the midwest.

    Overall, a survey and article that does not tell me much and since it is concentrated on 4 states and not very thorough.

    Maybe the sponsors are trying to break into the midwest market?

    Jeff in Virginia

  2. Yeah, I kind of agree with Jeff. I would also like to see the data compared to other regions of the U.S. I’m from Chicago, and if I picked four Midwest states, I think of the Midwest as more like Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas…

    The title of the article sounds negative, but I was actually surprised that so many people are that aware of the common energy saving steps, like efficient cars, appliances, windows, etc. Seeing how only a very small percentage of homeowners can actually install a wind turbine or solar panels on their home, this is a good start. Unfortunately the quality of their awareness is not always that good…I drive a hybrid and I still get asked where I plug it in and what happens when the battery dies. This is from smart, educated people…which kind of surprised me.

    I know that out of everything in the average home, refrigerators are one of the biggest electricity consumers/wasters. So, it was good to see that 84% of the respondents are aware of energy efficient appliances…it would also be nice to see how many of them actually have energy efficient appliances, though. There is a huge difference in awareness and actually pulling out the checkbook.

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