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Google Says Black Screen Doesn’t Save Energy

There’s been talk lately about how much energy computer screens use to show web pages with predominately white backgrounds. Google’s search page has been pointed to as using too much energy. These reports even prompted one site, called Blackle, to launch. It uses Google’s custom search engine but has, you guessed it, a black background.

Now, Google’s green energy czar, Bill Weihl, says on flat-panel monitors (already estimated to be 75 percent of the market), displaying black may actually increase energy usage. He points to research from techlogg.com.

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2 thoughts on “Google Says Black Screen Doesn’t Save Energy

  1. Black Google sites such as Blackl will be a sensitive subject for Google as they would loose users. The “research” shown by them is not any official or reputable research. Blackl and other websites saying it saves energy do point to actual published studies which are used by energy agencies. That is actually the reason behind the black screensavers. Everyone always knew that black screensavers are there to save energy and no one ever questioned that. With the Black Google thing people now say the industry and research is wrong? I believe Blackl and other websites do save energy, the same way I always believed screensavers to save energy.
    It is perfectly understandable that a company like Google will want to stay as it is. It would be crazy of them to change.
    I have to say that personally I like the white Google and that is the one I use. I do admire websites like the Black Google Blackl (by Blackl o actually mean the blackl.com and not the blackle) as they will have other features like renewable energy servers etc to save energy.

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