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Lexmark Rewards Consumers For Returning Used Inkjet Cartridges

Lexmark has launched an online rewards program which gives consumers rewards for returning used inkjet cartridges.

When customers buy five ink cartridges from Lexmarkstore.com within a 12-month period, they get one ink cartridge free. After they return five empty Lexmark ink cartridges to Lexmark within a 12-month period, they can get a second ink cartridge free. This program applies to almost all Lexmark branded inkjet cartridges.

Cartridges returned to Lexmark are recycled through its cartridge collection program.

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11 thoughts on “Lexmark Rewards Consumers For Returning Used Inkjet Cartridges

  1. Lexmark rewards sounds good, but it doesn’t work! I’ve bought four cartridges direct from the program and returned one for recycling. I should have five points. It shows zero after a whole month. I’ve called Lexmark support about it twice, and they’ve told me “We’ll get back to you in 48 hours.” Nada. Not a word.

  2. Gordon,

    You may have used the correct envelopes…But, for other people who have just registered their Lexmark printer(s) for the Lexmark Rewards program, please make sure you request personalized, postage-paid return envelopes from the lexmarkrewards.com site which is where you view your purchase status and return status-do not use the recycling envelopes contained within the cartridge box at time of purchase-you have to use the ones that you request from the lexmarkrewards.com site.

    I have already received 3 free ink cartridges so far over the past year and a half. The first 2 free ones were for purchasing 10 ink cartridges directly from lexmark.com website and the 3rd free ink cartridge was from returning 5 ink cartridges. Also, Cartridges do not have to have been purchased from Lexmark to be eligible for the return program, so if you purchase 5 Lexmark ink cartridges from Walmart etc., you can return the resulting 5 empty ink cartridges foe a free ink cartridge as long as you have registered your printer(s) in the Lexmark Rewards program. But, in order to receive a free ink cartridge for purchasing 5 Lexmark ink cartridges, you do have to purchase your ink cartridges directly from Lexmark and the prices are about the same as elsewhere. So, if you purchase all your ink from Lexmark, you get 2 free ink cartridges for every 5 you buy and return which for me, was like getting $105.00 back because the 43xl ink cartridges for my X7550 All-In-One printer are $34.99 a piece and I received 3 of those over the past year and a half. You can combine more than one printer in the program-I have my P6350 printer registered in the program as well.

    Gordon, Lexmark should be able to work with you on that, because when I purchased my first 2 ink cartridges from Lexmark, they did not show up on my Lexmark Rewards status page after a few weeks, but I called Lexmark and they straigtened it out for me.

  3. Submitted five lexmark cartidges. Received notice of 1 award. Attempted to recover that, the site would not accept the provided code word. Have e mail three requests for info, new code. Since August of 09! No, again, NO response. Wonder why?

  4. This program is not what it advertise to be; I have been trying to get a free ink catridge for hours trying to change a password that does not work and when a reset/or temprary is given it does not work, makes me want to stop sending in the used cartridges

  5. I have been trying for over two hours to obtain some return envelopes for sending back used lexmark ink cartridges. I just called in and was questioned “how did you get this
    number?” – I got it from your “contact us” button. How
    did you contact us?” I was replying to your email thanking
    me for returning one used ink cartridge. “Are you going to
    send me the envelopes/packing stuff to send in more used ink cartridges? “No – go to lexmark retunrs.com” Thanks
    I may never again return any used lexmark cartridges and
    will probably use a different printer next… Thanks a lot!!

  6. How do I apply for the ink cartridge rewards? I was on the program originally, moved and lost contact. I just purchased 5 ink cartridges and now need the envelopes. How do I sign up for this?

  7. I could not access my Rewards Program account. Used another email address to order a cartridge. Being charged to new address even though info. at times shows old email address. How do I combine both addresses to my old account?

  8. Just spoke with Lexmark. Told them as of 7/31/14 I had two purchased cartridges and two returned cartridges showing on my rewards page. On 8/1/14 I mailed in five of their return envelopes with cartridges but on their email on 8/9/14 it showed I had only returned one cartridge (now showing three on my returned cartridge rewards). Also, on 7/31/14 I purchased four black cartridges. I received the cartridges on 8/5/14 but they did not show on the 8/9/14 email either. I was told give it 3-4 WEEKS before those things would show up on my rewards page. This has happened to me before when I have sent in multiple envelopes of cartridges on the same day. Am now figuring they are only counting one envelope instead of all of them as each envelope has the same barcode label. I always make copies of each envelope because I have written the date on the envelope that I mailed it. For example, when there is more than one envelope I always use 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 plus the date on each one. I am getting discouraged with Lexmark over their products. I have a new printer and right off the bat the printhead was bad. They did send me a new one. One year later (slightly after the one year purchase date) my printhead went bad again. This time I paid for a new one. Even this one is giving me problems. I don’t think I want a Lexmark next time I purchase. I will look into selling my cartridges to one of those places that pay you for used cartridges and just go that route.

  9. I was told that I had 2 empty cartridges in my account and needed to send 3 more to get a new cartridge.I sent 4 a few weeks ago and still have not received my new #24 cartridge.I know that there is a mix up somewhere because I have sent many empty cartridges back and have had no problem at all. please advise.I know that I was told that I had only 30 days to send those used cartridges in and I sent them out 2days after I received the notice. E-Mail rgev112947@windstream.net


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