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Fiji Water To Go ‘Carbon Negative’

Fiji Water, which has received a slew of unfavorable green press after being featured in a Fast Company article, is going carbon negative – not just neutral – beginning in 2008.

Fiji says it will account for the carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of its products and then, through a combination of reductions, “carbon-reducing land use” and renewable energy projects, will make the production and sale of each bottle of Fiji Water result in a net reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.

Conservation International is counseling Fiji on its sustainability initiative, which includes reducing CO2 emissions associated with operations, purchasing carbon offsets to cover 120 percent of the emissions that cannot be reduced directly, and preserving the largest remaining area of pristine rainforest in Fiji.

The plan will account for all product lifecycle carbon emissions from raw materials production through post-consumer handling of its products. By 2010 the company’s products, across their entire lifecycle, will deliver the following sustainability benefits (compared to a July 2006 – June 2007 baseline):

  • 25% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 50% of energy used in the production process to come from renewable sources
  • 20% reduction in product packaging
  • 33% reduction in waste from the production facility in Fiji

Fiji will work with ICF International to publicly report its progress against the above targets on an annual basis.

Remaining carbon emissions will be mitigated through a portfolio of forest carbon and renewable energy offset projects developed with Conservation International. The carbon offsets will exceed total company CO2 emissions by 20 percent.

More on Fiji’s green initiative here.

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4 thoughts on “Fiji Water To Go ‘Carbon Negative’

  1. The fact that the water has to be shipped across the ocean then put onto trucks and trucked all over the states is ridiculous. Once the carbon is out of the tail pipe there is no putting it back in. People need to boycott Fiji water and then buy a filter and reusable bottle. Its that simple. Get a point of use water purification system and you can make a difference!

  2. You know what else, the fact that half the people of Fiji don’t have access to clean drinking water should make people stand up and tell the company to keep the water in Fiji and distribute it to the people that live in Fiji. Anyone who drinks the water is part of the problem!

  3. This is just Fiji answering Icelandic Glacial on their Carbon Neutrality, being from Iceland where all electricity is Green (Geothermal or Hydroelectricity) they don’t pollute in that sense. And they have already been certfied by the CarbonNeutral company, and won awards for their initiatives.
    Fiji will reap benefits on saying that they are going to try to go Carbon Negative by 2010, which they obviously cant as they will need to offset their Diesel Generators.

    The only reason why Icelandic can go carbon neutral and not eat up all their margins is due to Iceland being Green!!

    latest award that Icelandic won.

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