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GE’s Green Marketing Results In Consumer Awareness

When respondents to EcoAlign’s third EcoPinion Survey were shown a mix of 12 companies representing various industries and asked which they thought were most committed to using or providing renewable energy, 81 percent picked GE. Toyota was second at 65 percent.

Fifty-four percent of consumers could not name, on an unaided basis, a company who supplied renewable or “green” energy.

Overall, the report finds that very few brands have any resonance in the market for green products and services. Consumers also largely have a neutral, wait-and-see stance on company commitments and leadership on renewable energy, energy efficiency and the environment.

Findings from the EcoPinion Survey Report include:

  • Seventy-one percent of respondents were not familiar, on an aided basis, with ten “pure play” companies in the renewable and green energy space.
  • When asked about how committed respondents thought their electric utilities are to promoting or providing renewable energy or energy efficiency, ratings were about evenly split: 31 percent thought not at all committed, 36 percent were neutral and 33 percent rated the commitment level “7” or higher on a ten-point scale.
  • Seventy seven percent of consumers think that an energy-efficient or green operational model is the single most important quality of a corporation trying to be an environmental leader.
  • Respondents were asked to rate their familiarity with various terms. Seventy-one percent rated their level of familiarity “8-10” with the term “energy efficiency,” versus only 53 percent for “going green.”


EcoAlign report 1

EcoAlign report 2 

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One thought on “GE’s Green Marketing Results In Consumer Awareness

  1. The energy to an electric car requires more hydrocarbon fuel per mile than does the direct use of hydrocarbon fuel.
    We need not worry about environmental calamities even if the current natural warming trend continues. The Earth has been much warmer during the past 3,000 years for example: The Scandinavians grew crops on Greenland in the 14 hundreds, try to grow crops on Greenland now. In the 3,000 years no catastophic effects ever occured. Warmer weather extends growing seasons and generally improves the habitability of colder regions.
    As coal, oil, and natural gas are used to feed and lift from poverty vast numbers of people across the globe, more C02 will be released into the atmosphere. This will help to maintain and improve the health, longevity, prosperity, and productivity of all people. C02 only excelerates plant growth and plants to also grow in drier regions. I am for energy independence but not the Fraud and Junk science Al Gore and his scientists are putting out. After all their are 32,000 Scientists that say Al Gore and his so called Scientists are nothing more than Frauds using this for monetary and political gain. Sorry I am not a lemming or do I listen to Chicken Little.
    Bill McKinney
    Wildlife Biologist/Fire Ecologist/Author

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