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Environmental News Snippets: Toyota, Hummer, Royal Caribbean – 4.25.08

milliontreesnyc.jpgMillionTreesNYC Announces Toyota as a New Driving Force Behind Campaign to Plant One Million Trees by 2017
MillionTreesNYC, a public-private partnership between the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and New York Restoration Project (NYRP) to plant and care for one million new trees in New York City by 2017 today announced a new supporter in its mission to improve New York City’s environment. Toyota has signed a three-year $1.4 million sponsorship with MillionTreesNYC that will support tree planting, public education and community outreach activities — all aimed at getting every New Yorker involved in tree planting and stewardship activities. PRNewswire

Empowering People For The Greener Good
Every day at the office, employees at your company face choices with implications for the environment and the company budget. “Am I going to power down my PC during my lunch break – or leave it running?” “Should I print this entire twelve-page document, single-sided and in color – or just print the four pages I need, double-sided and in black and white?” Sustainable IT

Maryland Considers Exemptions From Carbon-Credit Auction
Maryland regulators are considering exemptions for a proposed Calvert County power plant and other generators from a regional auction of carbon credits that is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Baltimore Sun

How low can the carbon go? Mass. leaders want to develop low carbon fuel standards
Massachusetts leaders today pledged to develop limits on how much carbon can be in gasoline, diesel and heating fuel – an ambitious initiative aimed at dramatically reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. The Boston Globe

States’ Rights: Texas to Fight Feds’ Biofuels Mandate?
Texas could be the latest state to flex its muscles against Washington mandates, Dow Jones Newswires reports. Gov. Rick Perry, concerned about high food prices, is considering asking for an exemption for Texas from federal biofuel mandates that call for steadily increasing production over the next 16 years. Environmental Capital

Can renewable energy make a dent in fossil fuels?
4.2 billion. That’s how many rooftops you’d have to cover with solar panels to displace a cubic mile of oil (CMO), a measure of energy consumption, according to Ripudaman Malhotra, who oversees research on fossil fuels at SRI International. The electricity captured in those hypothetical solar panels in a year (2.1 megawatts each) would roughly equal the energy in a CMO. The world consumes a little over 1 CMO of oil a year right now and about 3 CMOs of energy from all sources. CNET

Who will pay to clean up the emissions from shipping?
When it comes to emissions from transport, shipping still stands out. While the overall volume of emissions from trucks, cars and airplanes is growing, those forms of transport have made big strides in improving the efficiency of their engines and the cleanliness of their fuels. A key problem for shipping is the so-called bunker fuel used by many ships. IHT

How Hummers are green
The name AM General Corp. doesn’t ring a bell with many, although it should because they are making great strides in progressively addressing issues ranging from global warming, water pollution, and the impending worldwide oil crisis.
Environmental sustainability is a stated objective of their operations. Yet, few have noticed their commitment to protect and promote a cleaner, healthier planet, because we stubbornly continue to focus on what they produce rather than how they produce it. AM General manufactures the Hummer. Aspen Times

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Names New Vice President of Environmental Stewardship
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has named conservation advocate Jamie Sweeting as its vice president of Environmental Stewardship. PRNewswire

Plan to reverse global warming could backfire
A proposed solution to reverse the effects of global warming by spraying sulfate particles into Earth’s stratosphere could make matters much worse, climate researchers said on Thursday. Reuters

Cars.com Launches New Green/Hybrid Buying Guide
Cars.com has launched a new Green/Hybrid Buying Guide to help educate consumers about the types of hybrid and alternative-fuel cars on the market. Business Wire

Arctic Ice Melting Faster Than Anticipated – WWF
Arctic ice may be melting faster than most climate change science has concluded, the conservation group WWF said in a report published on Thursday. Planet Ark

Solving the Energy Puzzle through Innovation
A new report from the World Energy Forum identifies a shift towards a more sustainable energy future and finds that a growing number of green-tech newcomers in the energy marketplace have the potential to fundamentally transform how energy is produced, distributed and consumed. WBCSD

Kansas lawmakers offer new plan on coal-fired plants as last offer to governor
Legislative leaders on Thursday offered a final compromise plan to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to ensure two proposed coal-fired power plants are built. Canadian Business

Fairchild Semiconductor Demonstrates Its Energy-Efficient Solutions for Motor Control, Lighting, Power Supplies and DC-DC Applications at PCIM Europe 2008
Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) will demonstrate its technologies that maximize energy-savings in Booth 601, Hall 12 at PCIM Europe on May 27-29 in Nuremberg, Germany. The demand for energy is growing at unprecedented levels and semiconductor suppliers play an integral role in providing products that enable energy efficiency. Business Wire

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