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ComEd To Offer Energy Efficiency Incentives

chicago.jpgCommonwealth Edison and Ameren will announce an $84-million, three-year effort to encourage the wise use of electricity among commercial and industrial consumers of electricity in the Chicago-area, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The program includes rebates for commercial and industrial customers who install electricity-saving equipment or lighting, and is expected to help retrofit some older, less-efficient buildings.

Rebates of up to $50 per lighting fixture and as much as $400 per efficient refrigeration unit will be available in addition to rebates for efficient air conditioners, motors and other mechanical devices.

The future holds more promise for companies and the environment since ComEd intends to assist in new-construction design with incentives for building designers, architects and owners to attain a high degree of energy efficiency.

While President George Bush skipped detailing ways to achieve his GHG emissions reductions goals in his April 2008 Rose Garden speech, he did say that if the country adhered to the principles he outlined, and adopted appropriate incentives, then the U.S. would be on track toward meeting his GHG reduction goals.

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3 thoughts on “ComEd To Offer Energy Efficiency Incentives

  1. A more efficient and cost effective renewable energy system is needed.
    A more efficient and cost effective renewable energy system is needed.
    To accelerate the implementation of renewable electric generation with added incentives and a FASTER PAYBACK – ROI. (A method of storing energy, would accelerate the use of renewable energy) A greater tax credit, accelerated depreciation, funding scientific research and pay as you save utility billing. (Reduce and or eliminates the tax on implementing energy efficiency, eliminate increase in Real estate Taxes for energy efficiency improvement).
    In California, you also have the impediment, that when there are an interruption of power supply by the Utility you the consumer cannot use your renewable energy system to provide power.
    In today’s technology there is automatic switching equipment that would disconnect the consumer from the grid, which would permit renewable generation for the consumer even during power interruption. Energy storage technology must advance substantially. “Energy conservation through energy storage”.
    New competition for the world’s limited oil and natural gas supplies is increasing global demand like never before. Reserves are dwindling. These and other factors are forcing energy prices to skyrocket here at home. It’s affecting not just the fuel for our cars and homes, but it’s driving up electricity costs, too. A new world is emerging. The energy decisions our nation makes today will have huge implications into the next century.
    A synchronous system with batteries allows the blending of a PV with grid power, but also offers the advantage of “islanding” in case of a power failure. A synchronous system automatically disconnects the utility power from the house and operates like an off-grid home during power failures. This system, however, is more costly and loses some of the efficiency advantages of a battery-less system.
    We’re surrounded by energy — sun, wind, water. The problem is harnessing it in an economical way.
    Jay Draiman, Northridge, CA
    May 29, 2008

    Jay Draiman Energy Development Specialist provides expertise in all sectors of the energy and utility industry.
    Over 20 years experience. Specializing in: Energy Audit, Telecom audit, Utility bills audit and review for refunds or better rates, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency review and implementation, Renewable Energy, Lighting Retrofit, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Fuel-Cell, Thermal imaging, Rainwater harvesting, Energy conservation, Ice Storage, Water conservation methods, Energy and telecom audit and procurement
    Much is at stake when policy makers, regulators, and corporate executives face the challenges of evolving energy markets and efficiency.

  2. We are retrofitting old canopy fixtures to new efficient led lighting and am told there is a 75$ per fixture rebate available ?? Jerry

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