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Most Americans Have Made Lifestyle Changes To Help The Environment

More than half of U.S. adults have made changes in their lives that they believe will help the environment, according to a Harris Poll.

The poll of 2,602 U.S. adults shows that nearly three-quarters of adults believe their personal actions have a significant impact on the environment, while 22 percent believe their actions are not significant.

These seem to be positive results for the health of the environment, but certain terminology may be getting in the way of more positive results.

For instance, while 58 percent of those polled say they have not heard the phrase “environmental sustainability” (less than half of those between the ages of 18 and 31 and those 32 to 43 have heard the phrase used), 30 percent of those 63 and older have heard it used.

The acting president of The Nature Conservancy, Stephanie Meeks, says the “poll shows that green living is certainly at the forefront of our minds,” and that most people understand that even the smallest lifestyle change can have significant environmental impact. But, Meeks adds, “people are getting lost in the maze of information.”


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2 thoughts on “Most Americans Have Made Lifestyle Changes To Help The Environment

  1. I am a 18 year old woman, I have started a all electric landscape/ maintenance business.We are using solar to charge are equjpment. Are goal O emissons, no gas to cut your grass. Need help to find the right areas to market my business, Any help would be great, thank you Amie shroyer

  2. Look, i hate to be ‘that guy’, but here we go. You are asking for business advice, but you cannot even take the time to check your grammar? First off, you are an eighteen year old woman, not “a eighteen year old woman.” Next, you have started an all electric landscape/maintenance business, not “a all electric…” It’s “our,” not “are.” I’ll let the misplaced comma slide; period is pretty close to it. Honestly though, if you are asking for business advice, you want to come off as professional as you can. If you come off as an illiterate, however, you are only hurting more than helping. Sincerely, ThatGuy

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