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11 thoughts on “Water Powered Car Makes Splash In Japan

  1. It’s an amazing thing to hear that someday cars will be the last reason for pollution. Water is such a smart thing right after solar energy cars, but what happens when water becomes scarce as it is happening already? Some people can barely drink water not to mention clean water and here we have a CAR that works on water, where does this fit in to this h20 concept?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it but that question was very obvious for me to ask.

    Thank you

  2. Good point–perhaps their intent is to use non-potable water. Or maybe these kinds of cars will spur development of water technologies to develop more potable water, or at least technologies that won’t affect the pool used for agriculture and consumption…?

  3. Sorry people, but this report is misleading (a nice way to put it). The car may run WITH water, but it cannot run ON water. The only way to get electrons out of water is through a chemical reaction, and that requires another material (sodium?). I guarantee that producing this second material requires energy. Whoever reported this should go back and check her/his high school chemistry.

  4. From Treehuuger.com

    “It is actually possible to make a car look like it runs on water without breaking the first law of thermodynamics. The way it’s usually done is with metal hydrides. These react with water to produce hydrogen, which is then used to power the car. But since these hydrides will deplete with time, they need to be replaced and so they are actually the fuel, not the water.”


  5. Thanks, Kerry — for a moment I was thinking we were back in the dark ages trying alchemy again 🙂 The only thing potentially interesting in this car is that it may have some utility as a storage mechanism for energy (you know, a battery). But it ain’t magic.

    Also, as to the comment about water shortages, I would point out that as global warming progresses, we will have rather an excess of water. What we have shortages of now is fresh water that can be used for irrigation and clean, fresh water that can be used for drinking.

  6. It’s an old con — split the water into hydrogen and oxygen, then burn them to create energy. Burning H2 and O2 releases energy and produces water as an emission. Perpetual motion! The catch — it takes as much energy to split the water as you get from burning the gases. The water car people claim they have “hydrogen boosters” that let you get out more energy than you put in. Nope, can’t be done.

  7. You can say that this Water Powered Car will not work, only if you think that Reuters are actually a bunch of idiot reporters. I am sure that they have investigated all the aspects before putting this online, putting their reputations on the line for some kind of fraud. I believe Reuters are not a bunch of idiots, you can actually rely on them. I have also a good source saying that this can actually work, just need to make it stable and cost effective. If we can make this machine run on sea water, there should be no problems at all because the poles are melting and many of the lands are going to drown anyway. We can use a bit of water. And the Ocean is just so deep, we can’t even see how far to the bottom they are, because they are just so deep. We can use the water.

  8. Actually, overunity is possible. Tesla was one of the first to discover this inexhasutible field called ‘zero point’ energy. Conventional electrolysis using ordinary tap water uses 3 times as much energy as it produces. However, by not using electrolyte, and avoiding a dead short condition within the cell, we can increase the voltage using a step up transformer, and pulse a DC frequency at about 10khz, utilizing a resonant charging choke to reduce current and further increase voltage, the results are quite amazing. I’m not sure if Genepax is utilizing this technology, but it is certainly out there and with many patents, including international patents, is a functional device.

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  10. Ok. it is cool the invent it but you it is only 1% of water that is drinkable and that is wastefull so i don’t really like the idea, you know i was thinking when i get a little more older to invent a car that runs on “saltwater” because we cannot drink it, and were not like penguins who have a thing in there throat to fiter the salt from the water. so it is better on salt water the drinkable water and minareal water. Well, now you know my idea you can take it if you want but people will know you didn’t invent a kid did! and yes i am teen thinking about good inventions that will help the world… people think i am not that bright but went i do i think a little better eviormentlly friend inventions then the these people.

  11. Widianto – if you actually believe the Reuters checks every single story it runs for accuracy, you are sadly naive. They have to get readership and views for their advertisers like every other news service and they would put out anything – just not claim themselves it is true but let the persons interviewed say it is true and leave it up to the viewers. Yes it is possible. And if the car is $40,000 and only lasts 3 years, is it worth it? you tell me if your budget can handle that kind of money outlay. Unless you get the big oil or car mfg involved, it will be blocked along the way. Batteries that can run cars better were bought up by Chevron and shelved. first electric cars were dumped. Any serious threat to the oil companies will be bought and moth-balled. No conspiracy theory: happens all the time. A guy invents something – looks good. He wants to make money, patents it and incorporates, goes public. Big company buys up all of his stock and patents – turns out to be a subsidiary of an oil corporation. Or it is later bought by an oil company. The technology goes back into the hopper and the company owns the patents so no one else can resurrect it. Else if it is closely tied to them, they can pay their lawyers to keep you in court for 10+ years until they are ready to release the products, meanwhile you are stuck. Happens all the time. Even cancer will never be fully solved while companies “patent” their portion of the DNA gene pool. Cancer development is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. You think they are going to just go out of business by solving the problem next week?

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