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Designers: ‘Green’ Fashion, Sustainable

At New York’s fashion shows this week, designers and sponsors say that environmentally friendly clothing designs and fabrics are here to stay, Reuters reports.

Companies such as Aveda and Abi Ferrin are banking that the “green” approach to fashion is sustainable. Many designers have also agreed to avoid fur and use only post-consumer recycled paper for invitations.

Designer Abi Ferrin uses recycled materials for her clothing tags. Although the printing costs are 15 percent higher, she told Reuters that the extra costs evens out because more people are buying her products.

According to author Kate Fletcher, spending on eco-fashion has doubled in the last two years. The shift towards eco-fashion has also benefited local farmers. Earlier this year American Apparel and prAna announced that they will begin selling shirts spun with cotton grown in California’s Central Valley.

Gen Y and Millennials, who represent about $520 billion in buying power, are including clothing in their organic purchases.

It’s not just green designs and fabrics that are catching the fashion industry’s eye. Non-toxic dry cleaning is also gaining attention. Brooks Brothers’ design team recently participated in a workshop — co-hosted by American’s Best Cleaners and Green Apple Cleaners– to understand the benefits of CO2 dry cleaning and H2O “wet” cleaning.

While the focus on green manufacturing and recycled materials is motivating the fashion industry, critics say it may just be a trend. Fordham University Fashion Law Professor,  Susan Scafidi, told Reuters that the trend will not last unless specific standards are set for the industry, or until buyers find evidence that eco-friendly fashion will improve their lives.

Ecofashion, is not only making it onto the catwalks in the fashion capitals – it’s also helping support local farmers.

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4 thoughts on “Designers: ‘Green’ Fashion, Sustainable

  1. This turn toward green fashion is silly. The fashion industry is missing the entire point. Yes, it is great to approach cleaning cloth with more environmentally responsible products, however, that is the only actually constructive step i have read in this article. Making dresses out of recycled materials is not new. Although, calling it an effort to be Green may be. Shouldn’t we be thinking about how much the fashion industry spends on shipping materials, transportation and distribution? The avenues in which designers and distributing firms should be analyzed. The article has no relevance to a real change toward a more environmentally focused future.
    think of our future

  2. I agree that without thinking about the packaging and entire journey a product takes to get to the shelf ity seems a bit of a con. Rather than simply worrying about how green a product is though why aren’t consumers worried about how ethical an item is? Surely it matters more if te T shirt you buy is made in a safe work place by happy, well paid workers than in a horrid sweat shop

  3. hi, can you help me find some research papers on eco fashion, i need them for my college research, if you can, please replyon my email.

  4. Thanks for sharing a good article on a great site. I am actually looking into a few sustainable post tonight so I really enjoyed reading your posts and visuals. I am happy to see that the wave of Eco and sustainable design grows as our planet really needs to change its lifestyle fast. I was the trend specialist at Levi Strauss Co, and our team presented mega trend 2000 – 2005 where I presented for the first time the move towards a sustainable future that will apply in design processes. For those who are interested I have just posted a large article on my blog on sustainability and fashion, it’s based upon work from 1998. Fashion and sustainability often assumed to be in opposition, does it attract? How can fashion be sustainable when fashion means fast or a fad? http://wp.me/p1UV8C-1Cq

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