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Future Consumer Involvement in Environmental Protection

Over 50% of the U.S. general population expects to be more involved in protecting the environment in the future, slightly higher from 2007, according to research from the Natural Marketing Institute. This future projection combined with increased involvement, identifies care of the environment as a major trend continuing in 2009.

This personal environmental responsibility is resonating far beyond only LOHAS consumers, the 17% of U.S. adults identified as having the strongest environmental, social and corporate social responsibility values and behaviors.

As this core value continues to gain momentum, understanding the importance of how this value manifests itself in the marketplace is vital for new product developers, marketers, and business strategists across industries.

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One thought on “Future Consumer Involvement in Environmental Protection

  1. If someone told you that soap is better than the shampoo, would you use soap instead of shampoo? If someone told you that soap is better for the environment than the shampoo, but not for your skin, would you use it? Human beings are the most selfish race in this planet, in my opinion. Especially the western people, we learnt the Bible since we were little children, and everything in the Bible seems as the truth for us. God say we are the master of this planet and all the other races are existed for us. Then we just do everything to prove it. We cut down the tree, we hunt animals, and that is us who make several races to be extinct.
    In the last two or three decades, some of us began to care about the planet we live in. They raised our attention to the topic of environmental protection. Most of us take part in the movement of protecting our earth, but the environmental protection is not only the words which are printed on the rubber wristbands, it is the action; it is what we do in the daily life. It is more convenient to take a taxi than take the bus, but the mass transportation is obviously better for the environment. But how many people would care about it? To drink water is good for our health and could reduce the pollution which would be produced by the process of producing the drinks, but we would like to have a tie of Cola than a glass of water. To be vegetarian would save more food for the people in Africa, but we would like to have the beef steak rather than the vegetable salad. Only the one who wants to keep fit would have the vegetarian diet. These little things could help to improve the environment situation. But we failed to do them.

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