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Emerging Technologies in Learning
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2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Immelt Discusses GE’s CSR Efforts

  1. Jeff Immelt’s comments are very profound. He speaks about SAVING THE WORLD… but it is critical that he remembers that he is not a SOCIAL SCIENTIST…who is focused on SAVING THE WORLD…BUT has responsibility to ALL of his KEY STAKEHOLDERS… this means that he focuses FIRST on the stakeholders who put him in his job…the EMPLOYEES..who work to create the innovative products, services and solutions that has made GE a viable company, his STOCKHOLDERS..who invest in his company not to SAVE THE WORLD but to get a FAIR RETURN on their investment, HIS COMMUNITIES, like Schenectady, Louisville, Evendale etc…whose life depends on having jobs…
    It is nice to try to save the world and make it green, but not if it sacrifices the LIVES and FUTURE of those who made the company and only wanted a FAIR RETURN on their LIFE and FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS…

    Bill Rothschild, author of the ONLY OBJECTIVE, INSIGHTFUL AND COMPREHENSIVE VIEW of why IMMELT has his job today and what it takes to be a long term winner.

  2. Bill R. what you seem to be failing to realize is that “saving the world” includes saving those jobs and communities whose future you are so worried about. Sustainability, have you thought about the definition of that word? It means that if we (everyone) don’t change the way we do things using methods that can be sustained indefinately then there won’t be anything to sustain, including your job and the community you live in.

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