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GE Suspends Development Of High-Efficiency Incandescent Bulbs

light_bulbs.jpgTyler Hamilton writes in the Clean Break blog that General Electric has suspended the development of its high-efficiency incandescent (HEI) light bulb.

GE discussed the HEI light bulb in February 2007, touting it as as providing the same high light quality, brightness and color as current incandescent lamps while saving energy and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

In October 2007, the company dimmed the lights on incandescent as part of a restructuring of its lighting business, which impacted jobs and closed plants.

Now, a year later, after GE’s restructuring, Hamilton wrote GE to find out the status of the HEI. GE spokesman David Schuellerman replied that “GE Consumer & Industrial and GE Global Research have suspended the development of the high-efficiency incandescent lamp (HEI) to place greater focus and investment on what we believe will be the ultimate in energy efficient lighting — light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).”

Schuellerman adds that “LEDs and OLEDs used in general lighting are now poised to surpass the projected efficiency levels of HEI, along with other energy-efficient technologies like fluorescent, and have the additional benefits of long life and durability.”

GE competitor Philips is in high gear to develop efficient light bulbs but is faced with the problem that politicians wants incandescent bulbs phased out faster than the industry can deliver alternatives.

Here’s some more info on LED penetration.

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5 thoughts on “GE Suspends Development Of High-Efficiency Incandescent Bulbs

  1. I think it’s a shame that they suspended this. I’m screwed when incandescents are banned, because I suffer from light sensitivity. Fluorescent lights cause me to get severe migranes. I tried LED’s, they do the same thing, since they flicker even worse than fluorescents do. Another question is, how are we going to dispose of these light bulbs? Are LED’s recyclable? Fluorescents are toxic and very few people recycle them. How many people do they honestly believe will recycle LED’s. Incandescents are easily recyclable and many people do recycle them. I think that this whole issue will cause more problems than anything.

  2. No government will ban incandescent light bulbs as they will be sued for billions in total by people like me (and they will regret it bitterly if they try) and millions of others who are too sensitive to fluorescent lamps. Some people might tolerate them in shops but not for long hours at home. If suing didn’t work, government regime change would have to be an option by whatever means necessary. No government would be brave and foolish enough to risk this fascist act of idiocy. Get it please.

  3. Like Travis, I too will be screwed when incandescent lights become unavailable. I have seizures under CFLs and regular fluorescent lights. LEDs do the same thing because they tend to operate on alternating current when in light fixtures. I’ve been stocking up on incandescent lights so I never run out.

  4. I kind of wonder whether this was all just a public relations deception. GE made a big deal about how consumers would still be able to buy incandescents – they would just be more efficient. Now we see that this was all a lie. The announcement that an HEI bulb would soon become available was, it seems, just a ruse to delay crucial public opposition to the government phase out.

  5. Incandescent Bulbs should not be banned in Canada or in the U.S. Or anywhere. It should be the choice of the consumer whether they want to buy CFL or LED bulbs. Leave the Incandescent bulbs alone! Government should tell us which ones to buy or ban Lightbulbs.
    And a couple of you on here commented on how CFL and LED cause headaches and seizures… It is true, I agree.

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