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FPL Energy Swaps Name for Something More Suitable

fpl.jpgFlorida Power and Light (FPL) is renaming its energy generation business NextEra Energy Resources, to better reflect its clean energy mission and market focus.

The previous name, FPL Energy, did not show the nationwide sprawl of its generation resources. (Of all of the plants in operation, not one of them is in Florida.) The name also did not reflect the company’s large portfolio of renewable energy generation.

nexteraenergy.jpgNextEra is the largest producer of wind and solar energy in North America, with more than 6,300 megawatts of wind generation in operation, or enough to power more than 1.5 million average homes, the company said. In April, it won an award from the American Wind Energy Association for having the nation’s largest wind farms.

It also is the largest generator of solar thermal power in the world, with seven solar plants in California’s Mojave Desert, operating 310 megawatts of solar power. The company also has natural-gas, nuclear, and hydro power plants, writes Earth2Tech.

Last year FPL launched an online store for energy-efficient items (compact fluorescent light bulbs, low flow showerheads).

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One thought on “FPL Energy Swaps Name for Something More Suitable

  1. Applaud FPL. Now we are talking; “NextEra Energy”. It is, like it or not.
    Other termed as: “The Science Hybrid Energy (SHE)”, replaces in part, Alternative, Renewable and Recovered Energy.
    “The Sixth Science Revolution”, replaces the “Rusted Industrial Revolution”.
    Et al an integral part thereof the “Science Revolution”.
    Memorandum to the Start-ups out of their garages: Keep-on inventing these new disruptive technology, all the way to 24/7/365. Your time to get a pilot project off-the-ground is coming. Indubitably, shortly thereafter commercialization is coming. Forget about the Hedgeeeees (Fund of Funds), for now; they may, most likely will not, entertain you, until Dr. Chu steps-in and most likely not with 80% FedLoanGuarantee, but 101%. Thereafter, slice the pie of that “Seeking Alpha” with them. Remember “Knowledge is Gold”, i.e., your disruptive technology. Also, keep in mind, that FPL and the three CAL’ IOUs (best utilities in Green Energy), can and most likely will be the O.C.O. of your permitted Solar Farm, (deregulations are already a history, as well as, you are not, nor can be BB+ Rated, i.e. “nada” credit facility to construct), so flipped it at a premium to them. You did work hard all of these “garage” years and you deserve it. (Did you thought about bringing constitutional ESQs in AFCs if you are the land owner, seeking siting of your Solar Farm on your land?)

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