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Staples Offers Rewards for Ink Cartridge Recycling

staples rewardsStaples is now offering rewards to consumers who participate in their ink and toner recycling program.

In exchange for bringing an empty cartridge to the store, they will give consumers $3 in Staples Rewards, which can be used at stores, for online shopping, or to order catalog items over the phone.

In 2008, the office supply company recycled over 22 million cartridges, and they hope that they can hit the 30 million mark in 2009 with the help of the new incentives.

Approximately eight printer cartridges are thrown about every second in the US, and only about 30 percent of all cartridges are recycled, though almost all qualify – according to a recent study.

Staples’ ink and toner recycling program is part of a larger company program called EcoEasy, which also allows consumers to recycle items like cell phones and computers. Along with its recycling program, Staples has also become more environmentally-friendly by building LEED-certified stores, using recycled paper in their copy centers, offering green consumer products, and investing in clean energy.

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28 thoughts on “Staples Offers Rewards for Ink Cartridge Recycling

  1. Please notice that Staples has been promoting this to look like it’s now an all-encompassing program and is very subtly inserting the detail that you can now ONLY EARN MONEY ON TEN INKJETS A MONTH. Whereas before a school could earn around $270 (3 per day) per month, now Staples is limiting them to $30.

    Everyone has taken the Staples press release hook, line and sinker without noticing that Staples is actually not expanding the program at all. It is drastically cutting the monthly value that people can earn at Staples.

  2. The difference between this program and the school funds program is that ANYONE can earn the value, not just a school. I agree, that they have reduced the benefits, but based on what a store employee told me, that is because people abused the program, personally turning in 3 per day (which is not obviously a personal use quantity). I like the fact that I can now personally participate, unlike before when it was only for school groups.

  3. Laurie:

    No offense…but that is a lame answer. Abusing the program by bringing in 3 a day? LOL…who cares if 1 person brings 1 in a month or 1 person brings in 3 a day. The purpose of the program was to bring in empty ink cartridges for recycling. Who cares who brings them in? Its like going out and cleaning up the environment for deposit bottles. I used to do this as a kid for spending money. I guess I abused the program since there is no way I drank that many sodas a day.

  4. However, Staples continues to send out “plastic postcards” to announce their latest offers to Rewards members. Please send Staples the message that they need to be consistent with their green practices.

  5. Trying to get my reward credit for my ink cartridges that I turned in over a month ago. My new adress is 188 Blossom Way is Hayward, ca 94541. My old adress was 150 Haas Ave. 214 in San Leandro, ca 94577. my rewards # is 594-758-173-1

  6. Just so all of you know.. Staples now accepts any brand of ink cartridges whereas plenty other competitors only allow specific brands like the Staples recycling program used to be. Now any customer with whichever brand of printer can participate in the recycling program and earn up to $30 dollars a month. Thirty dollars is thirty dollas so be grateful, if not, then go to Office Depot, where the customer service is not nearly as good.
    When it comes to the issue of abusing the system.. people would go into the store with multiple $300 rewards certificates to buy laptops and other expensive electronics.. another thing.. people would find a way of obtaining ink cartridges i.e buying them online and turning them in for credit.. That is cheating the system. The whole point of this program is to recycle cartridges YOU used and being eco friendly.. NOT to run a company out of business.
    Thank you very much.

  7. Some nut at HP told me that the reason they quit letting us reink, was because that resulted in bad printing.

    I first re-inked a “computer” ribbon on an IBM printer in 1950, and a thousand times since, and it always worked great. This is the old razor and blade scam.

  8. The way I see this, Staples gives incentives that win for both schools and for the environment. Staples will give you a few bucks to your students if they bring them. If they buy something for themselves or their school so much the better. The store generates a happy customer and you get something for nothing.

  9. The refilling of this cartridge is messy therefore it is advised that gloves should be worn and the place where refilling is done should be covered with a newspaper or some other absorbent material

  10. In November 06,2010 I returned 6 (six) Ink cartridges to the store in Statesville, NC To this date I have not received the rebates for these ink Cartridges. I would like to have them so I can use them the next time I go to Staples

  11. I have never sold mine back to Staples. I just donate them to someone else who could use the few bucks and do some good with it- or I just mail them in with the prepaid recycling envelopes. I think it is good when any big company tries implement or bring some awareness to green practices or improvements though.

  12. I don’t think Staples actually recycle the cartridges. The manufacturers give them the money. I don’t think they recycle them either. The manufacturers add say $1 on the cartridge cost. Let’s say 1 in 3 cartridges are returned for recycling. The consumer is therefore just getting their own money back. The manufacturer just throws away the cartridge. It’s not cost effective for them to refill them. What they’re really doing is giving you an incentive to buy new rather than refill them yourself. They destroy the old ones (OK, probably send them to a plastic recycler). So there’s not too many empty cartridges floating around for people to refill or sell on eBay for other to refill. I bought a “Continuous Ink Supply System” so I never have to buy a cartridge again.

  13. I have been bringing my ink cartridges and have not received
    any reimbursements for some time. It seems to me that
    Staples is not keeping their word. They keep saying that
    they do not send the $2 ANOTHER CO. DOES. ???


  15. Could someone with Staples explain why many of us are not receiving our money rewards for used ink cartridges that we return to your stores – Please also confirm the value of each returned cartridge an maximum quantity that can be turned in for rewards .

  16. I turned in 10 ink cartridges on 1/31/15 Rewards #3729550065 – transaction scan code at bottom of ticket #18630131151367901. I went to the store and they cannot track my rewards. Please help.

  17. It’s bs I’ve turned in over 20 and got $0 for them. Seems they should discount you on your purchase for new ones at that time. It’s a lie they use knowing you bring in the old ones and have to buy new ones, but won’t give your rewards then. They expire before you can use them.

  18. I too took back multiple ink cartilages and was told by the store just to,go on line and receive my points. I never found any. I am disgusted with their promises!!!!!

  19. I have returned many ink cartridges and want to know where my Staples rewards are? This is a rip off. Maybe the Better Business Borough should know about this!

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