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6 Lighting Retrofits That Save Energy

SolutionsforRemodeling.com outlines 6 energy-saving lighting retrofits successfully implemented by community colleges in California.

1. New Generation 25 Watt T8 Lamps
The Philips Energy Advantage 25 watt T8 fluorescent lamps save nearly 7W per bulb, but have a slight warm up period, and cost more than 3100 lumen T8 bulbs.

2. T5 or T8 High Bay Lighting in Gyms and Open Areas
While the T5 is a 4 lamp fixture, Bright Ideas Lighting Company says T8 6 lamp fixtures seem to last longer.

3. LED Exit Signs
While illuminated exit signs are a legally required safety feature, older models can consume over 350 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and cost $28 each annually to operate, while Energy Star labeled LED exit signs use only 44 kWh of electricity, and cost less than $4 annually to operate.

4. Bi-level Stairwell Lighting

The Bi-Level Smart Stairwell Luminaire saves energy by sensing occupancy at every fixture. It keeps a low-light level when the space is unoccupied, and fully lights up when somebody enters the stairs. These lights can save up to 70% on energy costs, and require less maintenance.

5. Occupancy Sensors in Classrooms, Offices, and Gyms

Infrared sensors turn lights on when people enter a room, and turn them off after they leave.

6. Daylighting Control

Proper daylighting can significantly reduce electric lighting needs, while providing a better quality of light.  New retrofitting products include solar tubes, as well as shelves and blinds that bounce light where you want it.

EL has also covered how to go about a lighting retrofit of your facility, as well as other ways for small businesses to reduce energy costs.

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One thought on “6 Lighting Retrofits That Save Energy

  1. Great comments, but the first basic of converting from incandescent or halogen lamps to high performance CFL’;s or LED”s was left out. And, daylighting (with appropriate heat gain control) could be first – instead of last. many electricians and facility mgrs. aren’t aware that CFL’s are now fully dimmable with great color. New Leaf America is one company that carries a wide selection.

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