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2 thoughts on “Consumers Rate Green Products as ‘Higher Quality’

  1. For me, the salient step in reducing energy consumption was to sell my car. In this transit-oriented city (Boston), it’s an easy transition from parking, driving, etc., to moving on public transportation (as per my book: “Asphalt Nation: how the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take it Back.”). Not only the reduction of car-thrown pollutants, but the capacity to have a walkable city, has made Boston a center for education, and other elements that make for a cleaner, greener city…. Carry on!!!…Jane Holtz Kay

  2. Why you should use green energy

    The world has relied on fossil fuels for a long time. Fossil fuels are
    used to heat our homes, gas our cars, and provide electricity. We are
    starting to see the consequences of habitual fossil fuel use.
    Resources are becoming depleted and slowly our planet is dying.

    But why green energy sources? Well because there are advantages to
    using them which we will never be able to get if we dont change our
    ways. This is also even if some will argue that the problem with green
    energy is that it is sometimes difficult to generate the power we
    need. While that may be true, that is why there are other green energy
    sources available and we just to know which ones are viable given the
    geographic location.

    Solar, wind, wave, hydropower, and geothermal are just some of the
    various potential sources of green energy. Utilizing green energy
    sources do not harm the environment or give off harmful by-products.
    The results from these energy sources are completely different than
    fossil fuels.

    Fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide as a by-product. Individual coal
    plants do not put off much carbon dioxide. Until you consider, there
    are 50,000 coal plants around the world. It is estimated that this
    number will only increase. If we do not reverse this trend, we may not
    have a world, read more…http://myhighqualityproducts.blogspot.com

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