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Newspaper Promo Offsets Carbon Emissions

save_the_planet_and_win1Save the Planet and Win, a social network dedicated to raising global carbon awareness, is helping to neutralize the carbon footprints of newspaper readers.

The network is inserting “Gallon of Gas” Carbon Offset cards in 20,000 Berkeley Daily Planet newspapers every week for two months.

When readers visit Save the Planet and Win Web site and enter the redemption code featured on the offset cards, the Berkeley Daily Planet will offset 19.6 pounds of carbon – equivalent to the emissions generated when one gallon of gas is burned.

Save the Planet and Win supports a sustainable advertising model where members participate in “Click Green and Win” programs. Each time members click on a promotion, a green sponsor purchases a certain amount of carbon offsets. The more sponsored ads watched translates into greater support for carbon offsets and social causes.

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2 thoughts on “Newspaper Promo Offsets Carbon Emissions

  1. The oil companies are exporting crude to overseas markets and letting them drill more domestically or offshore would be a waste of our oil because we wouldn’t of received any benefit. Do research on how much crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, LNG, diesel, and gasoline is exported from this country and you would be shocked. Lots of the oil in the Alaskan Pipeline is shipped to Japan. The oil companies say they want to build more refineries and do more drilling, but I say they don’t need to do either until we stop all exports. We can never be energy independent as long as we continue exporting to other countries. Offshore drilling and onshore drilling in Alaska is extremely attractive to oil companies because one offshore well can equal fifteen onshore wells in production and drilling in Alaska produces large volumes of oil. For every barrel of oil we send overseas that’s another barrel of oil we have to import.


  2. This is borderline ridiculous.

    This group is going through all this effort and getting this level of attention for offsetting less than 200 tons of CO2? (20,000 x 19.6 / 2,000 = 196 tons)

    Can we please focus on real solutions and not useless gimmicks? How much carbon was used planning, printing and paying for all this nonsense?

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