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Global Climate Coalition Ignored Own Scientists’ Advice

280px-global_warming_predictions_map2It’s coming to light that for years the Global Climate Coalition, an industry funded group that has argued that global warming is a sham, ignored the advice of scientists on its own payroll, according to the New York Times.

Scientists told the coalition that the science behind global warming was irrefutable, according to a court document.

For years, the coalition, which is funded by the oil, coal and auto industries, touted its message that “the role of greenhouse gases in climate change is not well understood” and that “scientists differ,” according to the story.

Yet, experts on the coalition’s’ payroll wrote in a 1995 internal report that “The scientific basis for the Greenhouse Effect and the potential impact of human emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 on climate is well established and cannot be denied.”

The coalition spent millions throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s spreading its message that global warming was not based on science.

By promoting doubt, the coalition took advantage of the news media reporting both sides of an issue, George Monbiot, a British environmental activist and writer, told the New York Times.

“They didn’t have to win the argument to succeed,” Monbiot said, “only to cause as much confusion as possible.”

The coalition disbanded in 2002, but former members, including the American Petroleum Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers, continue to promote their own messages that doubt global warming. Former member Exxon Mobil, however, has ceased supporting groups that promote an anti-global warming message, according to the article.

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One thought on “Global Climate Coalition Ignored Own Scientists’ Advice


    There are several scientific comments that I would like to make about “Global
    Warming” and “Global Climate Change”.   There is a basic principal
    involved that has been overlooked by most of the non-scientific media.

    Every statement in this paper is verified in detail in the references presented
    at the conclusion of this discussion.

    FIRST —  is that Global Warming is NOT a new effect.   It has occurred five
    times during the past 500,000 years!  The basic cause is Methane (CH4)
    “natural gas” and NOT man-made Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  The present
    global warming cycle began about the time man was crossing the frozen
    land bridge from Siberia to North America.

    We need to understand the sources and mechanics of Methane that 
    are actually the basic cause of our global warming.  Anything that has
    grown, ranging  from yard clippings to a decaying body, produces 
    methane as it decomposes.  Methane gas from permafrost is a decay 
    product. Methane gas from the deep ocean (methane hydrate) is totally

    Methane gas from oil wells is yet a very different composition. These
    must all  be recognized as such and understood as to their manner of
    existence, production, and/or release.

    Deep Sea Methane appears to be the waste product of a bacteriological
    process and is therefore a renewable resource!  (See Reference 2).  
    It is a relative clean product of our environment. It has recently been
    produced (as clean natural gas) in continuous commercial quantities
    by Japanese & American scientists in Canada in 2008.  It is this Methane 
    gas that has been bubbling up, for eons, from the continental shelfs 
    around the world that is the real culprit and basic cause of our present

    Oil well Methane gas is a very dirty gas mixture — it is methane with
    huge amounts of sulfur and other noxious gases mixed with it.  The
    Methane often mentioned in the media as “Bubbling up from Undersea
    Permafrost” is a decay product.  It is NOT from a Hydrate!

    NEXT —  Drastic Global Climate Change has taken place at least FIVE
    different times during the last 500,000 years. Our present cycle is
    the only one during which man has been a factor!   (Ref. 1 & 2). 

    Methane gas which bubbles up continuously from the deep ocean
    sources (and which in turn disassociates into CO2) is the true source
    of the “Greenhouse Gas” that has operated in the previous five
    interglacial cycles — all of which have been extinction cycles!  
    As will this one!

    Proof of this CH4 history was discovered in the Vostok ice cores 
    made in Antarctia. See charts at:

    These five previous cycles are NOT man made effects, nor is the
    present cycle, and it IS TOO LATE to change our present cycle,  we 
    may actually now be past the peak.  We can only learn to adapt! 
    We cannot STOP the process although we might slow
    it down for a few years, which in geological time is nothing.

    We MUST ADAPT to survive!    ADAPT!     ADAPT !    ADAPT  !


    There are several prime references associated with the material that I
    have covered, if ever so briefly.

    (1) EARTH’s  CHANGING  CLIMATE.  Lecture Series by Dr. Richard
    Wolfson, the Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury
    College. This is a six hour lecture series (12 segments of 30 minutes
    each) on two DVDs produced by The Teaching Company of Chantilly VA

    This series covers in-depth detail of the science and methodology of
    climate change.  It is not an advocacy program.  Interestingly, Dr.
    Wolfson does not even mention Methane-Clathrate in this lecture
    series — knowledge on that subject is almost too new to have been
    included.  It was first discovered on a moon of Venus by NASA about
    1985.  At the time we did not even know that it existed on Earth! 

    (2) FIRE IN THE ICE.  Quarterly Journal , U.S.Department of Energy,
    Office of Fossil Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory.   Also
    known as Methane Hydrate Newsletter.   Recommended reading is all
    issues to current issue from about 2000 forward.  This is the best of
    several technical journals devoted to the science of Methane

    (3) HIGH TIDE  by Mark Lynas. Picador, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.
    10010. ISBN 0-312-30365-3.   This well written book clarifies the problems 
    of Global Warming “… The American People have been subjected to one 
    of the most pervasive misinformation campaigns ever undertaken  … “?http://www.picadorusa.com

    (4) WITH SPEED AND VIOLENCE   [Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in
    Climate Change] by Fred Pearce. Beacon Press; 25 Beacon Street; 
    Boston, MA 02108. © 2007. “We are on the precipice of climate system
    tipping points beyond which there is no redemption”

    (5) Natural Gas Hydrate Studies in Canada; Hyndman & Dallimore from 
    The Recorder, 26,11-20, 2001, Canadian Society of Exploration 

    JCSpilman, P.E.  (Ret.)  Huntsville, AL

    James C. Spilman, (P.E.Ret) President
    The Colonial Newsletter Foundation, Inc.
      501(c)3   IRS ID 23-7447639
    12017 Turnmeyer Dr. SE
        in Redstone Village
    Huntsville, AL 35803

    eMail:  CNLF.JCS@gMail.com

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