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McDonald’s Counters Criticism With Green Marketing Effort

mcd-salad2Fast food giant McDonald’s is trying to show consumers its “greener” side with a new institutional marketing effort, “Global Best of Green.”

The full report details about 80 McDonald’s initiatives around the world, such as:

  • About 80 percent of packaging used by McDonald’s Europe comes from renewable resources.
  • In Canada, switching from bleached white napkins to plain brown has saved $1.3 million annually, while reducing energy, wood and water use.
  • U.S. restaurant locations recycle about 13,000 pounds of used cooking oil per year, on average.
  • Using a fryer that requires less oil allows restaurants to cook the same product with 40 percent less oil, saving 4 percent in energy over other fryer models.
  • U.S. locations completing an energy survey identify savings of $3,000-6,000. McDonald’s USA recognizes “Energy All-Stars,” or store managers that have provided examples for others.
  • In France, 10 restaurants that have committed themselves to an interactive software, EcoProgress, have reduced electricity consumption 11 percent over a few months.
  • McDonald’s Mexico is testing solar hot water heaters in four locaitons to reduce use of liquified petroleum gas, with a correspondnig 2.7 percent decrease in monthly LP gas consumption and a 19 percent drop in carbon emissions.
  • McDonald’s Sweden is using CO2 detectors in 24 restaurants to adjust ventilation systems to the amount of customers in the store, reducing electricity use 15 percent annually.
  • McDonald’s Europe is serving salads in cardboard bowls instead of plastic dishes, and wooden coffee stirrers instead of plastic.
  • In the U.S., decreasing the weight of polyproylene cold cups has decreased costs by 6 percent and saved nearly 1,000 tons of resin.
  • Various anti-littering marketing campaigns have been implemented in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Australia, Germany and other nations.
  • A variety of different waste and recycling bins have been tested in certain countries. A German model achieved a 90 percent recycling rate.
  • Restaurants in Switzerland feature a separate recepticle for organic waste, which is sold to Kompogas, which ferments the waste into biogas.

Despite its efforts, McDonald’s has been criticized for the waste it creates around the world.

In the UK, McDonald’s is responsible for 29 percent of all takeaway litter, according to The Mail.

Greenpeace has alleged that the Brazilian soya that McDonald’s feeds its chickens is responsible, in part, for the destruction of rain forest lands, according to Wikipedia.

Eric Schlosser’s 2001 book Fast Food Nation claimed that McDonald’s uses political influence to put profits before people’s health and the social conditions of its workers.

Back in 1990, London Greenpeace, which bears no connection to the international pressure group Greenpeace, distributed leaflets entitled “What’s wrong with McDonald’s?”, criticizing its environmental record, among other things. McDonald’s sued the group for libel, resulting in one of the longest-running civil cases in British history.

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7 thoughts on “McDonald’s Counters Criticism With Green Marketing Effort

  1. It is up to the consumers, McD’s customers to change the habits of this giant. Notice much of the environmental successes have occured in Europe or outside of the US. Go figure…

  2. Sounds like McDonald’s is doing some good things – but is still very much part of the problem. Its reliance on an industrial agricultural system built on cheap corn-derived products is “the gorilla in the room with this issue.” The homogenization of global diets is another issue that, as Michael Pollan demonstrates, has surprisingly important impacts. While McDonald’s efforts to green up their operations are certainly laudable, I find it difficult to see them become a truly sustainable business given their fundamental business model.

  3. this is a stupid article and the criticisms aren’t current

    3 of your main criticisms are older than when the mcdonalds report was published
    they’ve made efforts before
    this is a weak argument

    noah pollock – wikipedia is as valid as any other published work, because everything has a writer and editor, so anything with words you can read has a bias

    wikipedia has the advantage of being able to be updated and have corrections fixed
    books don’t you have to buy a revised edition

  4. McDonald’s does a lot a good things all over the world, but the problem is with biased leftwing wackos who refuse to see anything good in McDonald’s , the leftwing wackos just want to brainwash your children into thinking McDonald’s is bad. McDonald’s is truly an ALL American Company and helps millions every year. They have a recycling effort that makes Starbucks look like a dirty flasher ready to expose its fake enviromentalmarketing to sell its overprices starbucks coffee.

    Wake up America before these leftwing food police people brainwash everyone. Food whether grown from a local farm or a large industrial farm is helping people eat and have plenty of food. Without an industrial food complex, we would have hunger , starvation and many more problems.
    McDonalds’ have hired the best bakeries around the country to bake fresh english muffins every morning. They bake buns for grocery stores and rolls. Some how the bakery is okay if it is for Grocery stores but not okay for McDonalds?? sounds fishy maybe the food police want to force and take away your choices. But fight back! dont let people taker away your choices to eat whatever you want.

    MCDonalds is a good healthy product choices like salads, apple slices, yogurts and oatmeal. A burger is not bad and neither is an eggmcmuffin. A hashbrown is not bad nor is the chicken sandwiches.

    Dont let leftwing food police, vegan weirdos take your rights to eat whatever you want away. The eggs are raised locally to the McDonalds. McDonalds doesn’t buy eggs and ship them thousands of miles. they would but eggs in the state they will be cooked in. DA!!!! What planet are these vegan animal rights wackos from???
    Wake up America #MCdonalds #HEALTHY yes McDonalds is a great company and people are just jealous and envious of their success. They are successful because people have enjoyed the food for fifty years and only baseless lies and hype to brainwash the children is the pathetic ways in which the leftwing animal, vegan wackos can try and influence people not to buy McDonalds great all natural products. McDonalds want to keep the ingredients as simple and natural and organic as possible.

    Wake up!!! Smell the McCafe, ethically grown and fair trade coffee practices. from the worlds best organic coffee beans

  5. McDonalds buys eggs in the states that are cooking them. Meaning in ohio , eggs are bought and sold to McDonalds in Ohio. LOcally grown and closest to the final destination. Locally sourced and ethically treated. Dont be brainwashed by fake biased reports from Eric Schlosser or fast food biased nation. that is all a bunch of crap.. You need to see that they have a political and business bias against McDonalds. We dont want these wackos to have influence over our childrens minds because they stand to take away people rights. Fight back against the wackos who are biased against all food freedons. Food choices are not good or bad , they are just a choice. Stop the wacko liberal leftwing freaks from the biased attacks against McDonalds and other companies. McDonalds is a healthy food company and serves very high quality sandwiches and potatoes. The eggs are REAL, al the all natural organic vegetable oils is all real and the fresh baked buns are all natural and real organic flours used.

    @Mcdonalds is a great healthy food choice for all people.

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