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New Dasani Bottle Made Partially of Plant Material

dasani2Coca-Cola has introduced the PlantBottle, a fully recyclable plastic bottle made partially from plant material.

The PlantBottle, which is being piloted with the Dasani water brand, puts Coca-Cola on course to eventually introduce bottles made from 100 percent recyclable and renewable materials, said Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of the beverage company.

The new bottle is made from a blend of petroleum-based materials and as much as 30 percent plant-based materials.

The PlantBottle is made from a process that turns sugar cane and molasses, a by-product of sugar production, into a component for PET plastic, according to a press release. Future generations of the PlantBottle may use other plant material.

Using 30 percent plant material for the bottle reduces the bottle’s carbon emissions by 25 percent, according to a life-cycle analysis conducted by Imperial College of London.

The PlantBottle can be processed through existing manufacturing and recycling facilities without contaminating traditional PET, Coke said.

In addition to Dasani, Coca-Cola will use the bottle for sparkling brands in select markets later this year, and it will add vitaminwater in 2010.

The sustainable aspects of the bottles will be promoted through on-package messages and in-store point of sale displays, as well as on the Web.

Less than a month ago, Coca-Cola made headlines with its push to “green” the nation’s Capitol through use of hybrid delivery vehicles, a recycling program and more.

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15 thoughts on “New Dasani Bottle Made Partially of Plant Material

  1. This is great news, although sustainable plastic is nothing new, it is a big step in the right direction for coke.

    The focus on bottled water being a catastrophe is far too cynical. Clean water is good for you, everyone should drink it, to call bottled water drinkers the new smokers is ridiculous. Coke is providing a sustainable solution to the increasing market of bottled products and they should be congratulated. I only hope that they will use 100% plant material sooner rather than later and other manufactures will follow suit quickly.

  2. This is a huge deal for our environment even if the bottles aren’t completely made of plant materials. All companies should be doing this to do their part in cleaning up the air and the earth! Way to go COKE!

  3. Score for coca cola co
    on the Ad for new plant bottle
    1) actual plant bottle C+ should have done it when I was in college mid-’70s.
    2) Seeds to plant C+
    3) Cardboard stock in the magazine F-
    4) Oil to ship magazines F-
    Almost as bad as high fructose corn syrup!
    The new generation will be much more critical.

  4. I think to assume this is “good for the environment” may be a stretch. Think about fossil fuels and water expended to grow the Sugar Cane. How many pesticides are utilized? How many soil additives? You might say “sugar and molasses are already being made” however, Coke is HUGE and they will consume an enormous quantity of resources to make these bottles. What is the TRUE impact of diverting Sugar Cane to make plastic bottles? How does that application really compare with using oil in the plastic? Does using plant material make the package break-down in the environment any faster (if and when consumers fail to return / recycle the used bottles)? These are the questions I think need to be asked about this new packaging. (If it was made from abundant materials like Bamboo or recycled paper pulp this approach might make more sense.)

  5. Travis is right. We are making cool solutions to the problems we created and forgetting why the problem exists in the first place. New plastics and recycling are great but aren’t reusable water bottles better? The chemicals that used to be in them aren’t going to kill us anymore than McDonald’s, which is a different problem. The people who actually need clean water are the ones we are taking this water from. Filtered tap water is plenty good enough in the countries that consume bottled water without thinking.

  6. Can we please stop bashing every attempt to change, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. There is not going to be a net zero environmental impact or 100% carbon neutral product of any kind for a LONG time, if ever and saying people shouldn’t drink bottled water is just dumb, that ship has sailed and there are legitimate reasons to need it. Could we utilize refillable bottles and filtered tap water more often? Sure, but do you think there is no carbon footprint in making those bottles or making that water drinkable? Of course not, over all it has less of an impact sure, but it is not perfect is it.* Anyway, back to the point. It seems that every effort to green someone’s products is always met with this damn “that is not good enough” mentality. Well you know what, we all know it is not good enough and the people making these efforts know it is not good enough, but it is a start and they should be commended and rewarded for that so they feel that there is a real recognition and appreciation of the effort which will lead them to want to do more. But if they make the effort to change and then get bashed for it who in the hell would want to take the next step. That is like going up to a smoker who cut down from 2 packs a day down to one pack a day on their way toward quitting and telling them. Why the hell did you do that, that is not going to make any difference you dummy. Sure it is “ONLY” 30% plant material. And sure creating and getting the plant material probably created more carbon. But someday it will be 100% plant materials and someday the farm tractors, shipping tankers and trucks will be run on biofuels and the processing plants will be powered by wind and solar. But if you want to run a marathon you don’t just step out your door one day and run 26.2 miles. You have to run a mile for a while then 3, then 5, then 10 until you reach the goal, right? How likely would it be that we would see you in the next New York marathon if every one of your friends told you how bad of a person you are because you have audacity to have the absolutely ridiculous goal of running a marathon, when you can run a mile?

    * And by the way how many of those refillable bottles do you have in your cabinets at home by now? If it is anything like mine, probably a dozen more than you need for everyone in your household. Seems like every time I turn around someone is giving them to me at some kind of event. I try not to take them whenever I can, but sometimes it is not practical or possible if the event people haven’t planned for that possibility. So there can be too much of a perceived good thing as well.

  7. Carbon? Why hide the fact that “Carbon” means CO2, a gas that occurs in nature – not a pollutant.
    Good steward companies for the environment, Yes! Groping themselves silly for largely wasted ridiculousness – NO!

  8. @Jeff, I agree for the most part with your arguments, change in this direction is good. However we all know that Coke is doing it because they want to be the first to appear green and reach the market. Not because they genuinely care. If we really want change, we need to keep fighting with this “it’s not good enough” mentality so we can keep the changes coming. These kinds of changes are always market driven. If we continue to demand environmental stability and buy the right products, we will get it.

  9. I agree with Jeff. CO2 is a naturally occurring trace gas. All these companies are praying on the people who have fallen into the whole Global Warming nonsense. As far as making a bottle out of 100% plant material what about the people who are allergic to those plants? If I were to find a way to make a bottle out of peanut oil would anyone with a peanut allergy dare to touch it? This is all about making money and prayin on unfounded fears. Using plants to replace oil is fine, but do it because it is renewable and drop the whole CO2 nonsense.

  10. Wow. People, do your research. This is not a real green initiative. You think that just because they make a recyclable plastic bottles, they actually care about the environment. This corporation cares about money. This is only a ploy to get customers to feel better about buying the product.

    And on the subject of water conservation (which, in fact, is an environmental issue), Dasani uses much more water in the production of these bottles than the amount of water needed to fill the bottle.

    The Live Positively campaign does not make sense. If the Coca-Cola corporation cared about the environment at all, why would they be encouraging the privatization of water? It’s just completely unnecessary. And unsustainable.

    Just go look up Kerala, India and look at this state’s relationship with Coca-Cola. I don’t think you will have such a high opinion of this ugly, ugly company.

    Some of you are really, quite delusional.

  11. Eliac, you have a lot to say. But like most politicians, or mattresses you are full of fluffy stuffing and no substance. Nothing is black and white. So nobody can be truly sure what will happen in the future to our planet. One thing is for sure, however, I cannot breath co2, even if it is a naturally occurring trace gas.
    Plant based bottles are a start. But they are not a solution by any means. A bandage at best.
    Change yourself inside. The only way we can ever bring balance to nature.

  12. The plant material in Dasani’s Plantbottle continues to decompose and therebye is hazardous to internal consumption. Me personally suffer heartburn caused by Dasini’s Plantbottle because the material sticks inside me instead of the regular plastic of water bottle material that slides on through. Also, my blood does not process fast enough because of the interference of the plant material in plant bottle, which results in my blood sugar staying high. Dasani is proving again that environmentalists are dangerous to human life because of their greed to make money on things such as Plantbottle.

  13. I only bought Disani bottled water because of their bottles, now they are just as mushy as any other brand so I just may as will buy what is on sale. very disappointed.

  14. I agree with Jeanene. I have bought dasani for years and think it tasted the best and the best water happens to be in firm plastic bottles. Now they are flimsy junk bottles, GOODBYE DASANI. Another customer lost, cheers!

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