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Some Call Climate-Change Denial ‘Treasonous’

After Paul Krugman wrote that people who deny climate change may be guilty of treason against humanity, the kid gloves came off. Reports from a variety of news sources confirm both support for and contrast against his statement. Some say global warming detractors call themselves “modern-day Galileos.”

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2 thoughts on “Some Call Climate-Change Denial ‘Treasonous’

  1. Climate change deniers fit no single category and it is silly to assume they do. I believe strongly in climate science and have been speaking out on it for many years and given presentations on the dangerous impact of climate change. But, like any good objective observer, I remain open to new information. It goes without saying much of the deniers fit into to fossil fuel interest group (no surprise there). And then, there are also completely unscientific “Glenn Beck” types who make their living selling hysteria with loud mouths. They obviously and lack any credibility, but unfortunately they do have an audience. It’s the actual credible scientists that present an alternative view of climate change that should be listened to. Unless, they are secretly serving on the board at Exxon, what would be their motivation for denying climate change? Dr. Roy Spencer is an example and his point of view makes me at least stop and listen.

  2. Wow, after Climategate, Krugman sure looks bad now. This is why we don’t support censorship of ideas. This is why dissent is the greatest form of Patriotism. This is why Krugman is the polar opposite of a hero.

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