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Exelon, PNM to Leave U.S. Chamber Over Climate Change

carbonemissions2Joining Pacific Gas & Electric Co., two more utilities have decided not to renew their membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, citing a dispute over the chamber’s increasingly controversial stance on global warming.

Chicago-based Exelon and New Mexico-based PNM Resources Inc. both have stated their intention to leave the chamber, reports the New York Times.

This follows last week’s decision by PG&E to leave the chamber. Nike also has expressed reservations about the chamber, which has threatened a lawsuit to challenge the science behind global warming.

Exelon CEO John Rowe said that “Inaction on climate is not an option.”

“If Congress does not act, the EPA will, and the result will be more arbitrary, more expensive, and more uncertain for investors and the industry than a reasonable, market-based legislative solution,” Rowe continued, reports the Times.

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2 thoughts on “Exelon, PNM to Leave U.S. Chamber Over Climate Change

  1. Companies should be joining the Chamber as partners in the suit against the government’s politically correct but scientifically wrong climate change initiative. A court in the UK forced schools to stop teaching the Al Gore fiction without also teaching the other side of the story – that global cooling has been the rule since the late 1990’s. We can’t even predict the weather for tomorrow and yet Al Gore can tell what will happen in the distant future – its narcisistic.

  2. It’s beyond narcisistic. It’s an egomaniacal God complex. Since we can control global temperatures, I’d like Algore and his cronies to tell me what they are going to do to dial it up and average of 5 degrees per day in the northern regions of the US and Canada. I’d like that. It would make life more comfortable, and our growing season would be extended, which would enable us to feed the planet which we’re also instructed is being populated beyond our ability to feed it. There you go. Two problems solved. More comfort. More food. No burning in hell. I mean heck, we often have 20 to 40 degree gaps between our high/low on any given day of Spring or Fall. What will 5 degrees matter. Nuckleheads. I can’t believe otherwise sane people can actually be convinced that they have a snowball’s chance in hell of influencing the global climate. Think people! How did we come out of the ice age? There were no cars, or factories, or Americans. And temperattures have cooled since 1990! Wake up you lemmings! These are the same people who said we were entering an ice age in teh 1970’s. Now we’re going to burn up?

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