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After Dasani Test, Coke Begins Global Rollout of PlantBottle

coke plantbottleCoca-Cola has begun the long-awaited global rollout of its PlantBottle and by the end of 2010 it expects to have sold more than 2 billion units.

The multi-brand bottler began testing the plant-based PET bottle earlier this year on the U.S. West Coast, under the Dasani water brand. The bottle is made from a blend of petroleum-based materials and as much as 30 percent plant-based materials in the U.S.

Now, Coca-Cola is available in the PlantBottle throughout Denmark, and a variety of brands will be packaged in the bottle in western Canada in December, in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, B.C., according to a press release.

The rollout appears to be running ahead of schedule, since Coca-Cola in May said it would introduce the bottle on its vitamin water next year, with no mention of the Coke brands.

The company plans to continue its rollout in Brazil, Japan, Mexico and China.

The PlantBottle is made from a process that turns sugar cane and molasses, a by-product of sugar production, into a component for PET plastic.

In the future, the company wants to switch away from food-based cellulose sources to non-edibles like wood chips and wheat stalks.

The Denmark bottles contain only 15 percent plant-based materials, but also up to 50 percent recycled plastic.

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6 thoughts on “After Dasani Test, Coke Begins Global Rollout of PlantBottle

  1. So what?!?! they still aren’t biodegradable. Whats the story here? They are using food crops to make part of the 1 billion plastic bottles consumed every day?

  2. It takes 2 bottles of water to produce a plastic bottle. Now it will take more water, because we are growing plants first.

    We just need to stop drinking coke.

  3. Your article does not answer the question: is this newly developed plastic bottle recyclable or biodegradable? In addition, how is industry addressing the issue of bottles made from recycled plastic not being recyclable. Seems if we are truly moving to a sustainable environment, this fundamental issue would have been addressed in your article. While it’s good news about their PlantBottle, how are they addressing their water usage in India? 1.5 million liters per day extracted from the country – native peoples now have to walk more than 10 miles one way just to get water for their family. How is that sustainable?

  4. Yes, we need to stop drinking coke, pepsi, sprite, mountain dew, etc…..it takes lot’s of water just to make these beverages, let alone the water needed to produce a billions of plastic bottles….How do we curb our collective appetite for soft drinks?

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