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WWF, WRI Make Last-Minute Pitches on Climate Change

WRI elementAs the clock ticks down to the Copenhagen talks, two prominent environmental advocacy groups are making their final pitches to encourage world leaders to adopt a climate deal.

The World Wildlife Federation, along with Allianz, has issued an interactive online application that reveals “tipping points” on climate change, while the World Resources Institute has issued a six-page guide that outlines what it would consider to a successful outcome of the Dec. 7-18 climate talks in Copenhagen.

In its interactive feature, WWF details 12 tipping points related to drought, ice melting, changing oceans, dying forests and changing ecosystems.

The report makes a concerted effort to influence the finance and insurance sectors.

For instance, it says that continued drought in the Southwest U.S. will disrupt water, agriculture, energy and tourism. The economic impacts could lead to rising prices for essentials like food, energy and water, which in turn would lead to an increase in crime, which would mean more insurance claims, including fraudulent ones.

WRI says that a climate deal should have these three elements:

– A big-picture agreement, preferably a commitment to reduce global emissions 50 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

– A solid foundation, meaning a legally binding agreement with an official registry and common international standards.

– Support for developing countries. WRI would have developed countries pledge $10 billion to $15 billion toward a fund from 2010 to 2012, with larger amounts coming by 2020.

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One thought on “WWF, WRI Make Last-Minute Pitches on Climate Change

  1. To the voting public, what the scientists say is irrelevant anymore for if you read readers comments to climate change stories in all of the major papers of the world now, you will see a new wave of impatience, doubt and frustration with this 23 year old death by SUV gas flooding public opinion. The theory is not sustainable and has fallen off the cliff.
    Promising “death” was Climate Change’s “ALL-IN” and now climate change can’t cover the bet. We have waited two and a half decades but only see this crisis on top of mountains, deep oceans or polar caps. It’s not believable anymore to us the people who in the end call the shots in the scandal mentality of this Disco Science of Globull Dooming.
    I think this mass insanity of global dooming really IS over at last. It’s like watching the Berlin Wall fall. Thank God!
    This change to more open debate, media ridiculing and public impatience for 23 years clearly shows the end of this madness. I was over at the environmentally correct toilet paper otherwise known as the Toronto Star from Canada and I was amazed to see that deniers out number the doomers 10 to 1 at least on the READER comment page.
    Be free people. The sheople of doom have been defeated. Tell our kids they will not have this threat of death hung over them anymore.
    Now, let’s arrest Al Gore for leading the country and the world to war against an environMENTAL WMD scam.

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