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Chinese Hackers May Have Leaked ‘Climategate’ E-mails

computerThe hacking of computers containing climate change-related e-mails may have come from China, in the hopes of scuttling the Copenhagen climate talks, suggests an article from the Daily Mail.

The hack-job that came to be called “Climategate” initially had been attributed to Russia, which in addition to China had little to gain from a successful Copenhagen.

However, the Russian security service released information that allowed the original e-mail traffic to be retraced. According to the article, the e-mails went through a computer company in Siberia, but originated from a computer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

An open-access server run by Malaysian telecom firm Telekom Malaysia Berhad, which supplies internet access to nearby China, was the source of the e-mail leak.

Because the open server does not require a password, the company said that it could not identify the sender. That has not stopped speculation that China was behind the leaked e-mails.

The IP address used to post the messages is linked to one used by a Chinese environmental institute, the Research Institute of Forest Ecology and Environment Protection, reports the Daily Mail.

Several professors from that institute have shared a platform with the University of East Anglia experts whose e-mails were hacked, according to the Daily Mail.

Many countries and analysts blame China for blocking the adoption of a climate change treaty in Copenhagen in December. The Copenhagen meeting resulted in a non-binding agreement with specifics to be determined in 2010, which angered the poorest nations and some Western groups who wanted an ambitious commitment.

One journalist wrote that China blocked the open negotiations for two weeks and then made sure that the “closed-door deal” made it look like the West failed to help the world’s poor again.

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19 thoughts on “Chinese Hackers May Have Leaked ‘Climategate’ E-mails

  1. Attempts to turn this (even at this late date) into a discussion about hacking rather than what the release of these emails exposed is frankly laughable.

    Hacking an email account is a relatively minor crime compared to the massive global fraud perpetrated by the ‘Climate Scientists’ at the CRU. However they were obtained, the fact that those emails are a) legitimate and b) call into question decades of supposedly ‘settled’ climate science is indisputable. The latter point is only denied by die-hard warmers who are too personally invested in a false theory to even consider that they may have been duped.

  2. Regardless of whome it was or where the perpetrator resides, thank goodness that someone had the resolve to blow the lid on the fact that the scientists in the US and the UK were manipulating the data to get to the outcome they were looking for. The sole purpose of collecting data is to define the baseline and measure against that basline with further data to determine what impact CO2 emissions is having on the climate. The fact that the scientists used the data points that fit the end result they wanted and threw out the data that would have been detrimental to what they were hoping to see, smells like a rat to me.

  3. I agree with Andy. Further, the fact that the Research Institute of Forest Ecology and Environment Protection and the University of East Anglia have common interest among professors also points a likely finger back to a whistle-blower rather than outside hacker. Also, CRU was under pressure from a number of FOI requests that they were dragging their feet. This could just as easily have been an administrative screwup on the part of CRU that was assembling information and put it on an unsecured server while in process. This happens all the time. I think the foreign conspiracy is a little far-fetched considering the specific information that was assembled and disseminated. It certainly require insider knowledge.

  4. Good grief. Whne the Washington Post guys broke watergate it was a triumph of truth and investigation. Now this is the lastes warmist attempt at some kind of “scandal”. Thank god the Chinesse with thousands of years of civilization recognize a scam when they see it.

  5. I don’t think anyone can deny the climate changes. The question is how serious is this and what is the cause. Anthropogenic Global Warming has turned into a faith or religion and as with all religions, any evidence that this faith is unfounded is met with extreme resistance. Exactly what are we to do when the planet cools a little again as it did during the Little Ice Age a short while ago – release massive amounts of greenhouse gasses to counter the cooling? CO2 is the problem, this is what we have to fear – reduce this poison and everthing is going to be OK because you have such a limited understanding of the problems facing the world and society today. Why are you getting caught up in the speculative problem of AGW when there are real problems and very tangible suffering all around us. Where are your priorities man – 17,000 children died today from hunger. How many countless millions of people without adequate healthcare, shelter or ready access to clean water. A four year old scavaging mountains of trash for something to eat or sell on the side of the road can rest comfortably tonight in a makeshift hut knowing you and fellow alarmists have got his back. You want to save the planet – try saving a few children first.

  6. first russia, then china, who next, sarah palin? You are quick to point a finger at anyone but the obvious, namely, the phrenologists at eadt anglia u.
    while i am on a rant,
    Nobody would benifit from cap and trade except bankers and 3rd world dictators.
    Cap and trade would do no more for the environment than throwing virgins into volcanos or cutting the beating hearts out of living victims.

  7. Climate change is undeniable. I see it about 4 times a year – now it is Winter and cold (record levels in Colorado!), later it will warm up a bit, then when Summer comes it will get hot. Just as there are 4 micro seasons throughout the year, there are also macro seasons stretching for decades. The earth tilts a bit on it’s axis and things change – it is nature and that great big ball of fire we call the Sun. How could we be so arrogant to think that WE can affect the Earth’s temperature? The brains behind the climate change fraud are both genius and evil…and influential. Billions can easily be traced as they race towards the shell companies cobbled together to “utilize” the guilt money being signed over to them. One day we will all thank them – much as the North Koreans thank their Glorious Leader in unison…or are shot. No harm at all in reducing our carbon footprint and to better utilize our planet’s resources while reducing pollution. The harm comes when it is mandated and fines and punishment are doled out. Many a Ponzi schemer are finding themselves in prison – if we can ever reel politics back to reality – maybe the ‘warmers’ or ‘changers’ will be defending themselves in this massive fraud. Follow the money folks – it’s easy…

  8. Don’t hesitate. Why China? That’s a bit pathetic. Obviously the hack was done by Al Quaeda!

    Perhaps you should switch to real problems. Like whether or not the “science is settled” and if it’s not (and it’s not) then perhaps we should invest into a) proper climate research and b) proper investigations against CRU gang and the corruption of IPCC.

  9. Hide the Decline, but pass the grant money!!!

    What a massive scandal! It is interesting to observe the climategate deniers try to focus on who released the emails instead of the scandal of the century! Any who thinks the media is biased????

  10. Hide the Decline, but pass the grant money!!!

    What a massive scandal! It is interesting to observe the climategate deniers try to focus on who released the emails instead of the scandal of the century! And who thinks the media is biased????

  11. Let me get this right, they identified an unsecure open access server in Malaysia as the leak and concluded that because China had access to it, that it came from China??? If it’s unsecure then could it not have been accessible by anyone anywhere?

    One journalist wrote??? Dude, I bet that closed-door deal ACTUALLY failed to help the world’s poor again rather than just “looked like” it.

    I would think twice before quoting the Daily Mail as a credible source.

  12. and another: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climatic_Research_Unit_e-mail_hacking_incident
    Here’s the deal with the “trick”: “Some critics cite this [trick] sentence as evidence that temperature statistics are being manipulated.[6][29][30] Several scientific sources state that the decline being referred to is a decline in tree ring climate proxy metrics, not temperature.[35][32][5] Andrew Watson, Royal Society Research Professor at the UEA, said that the scientists had drawn the line to follow the tree-ring reconstruction up to 1960 and the measured temperature after that.”[36] Time quoted Michael Mann saying that the statistical “trick” referred to the replacing of proxy temperature data from tree rings in recent years with more accurate data from air temperatures.[5]

  13. Thank you newphase75 for pointing out that the hacked CRU emails *do not* reveal some global climate conspiracy. The scientific evidence for Human Made climate change is both overwhelming and broad based.

    This “cimategate” thing makes for a nice smear campaign but contains little substance.

    All, please see this relevent quotation from the open letter to the US Congress that newphase75 linked to, sent by 25 leading US scientists (including 8 members of the National Academy of Sciences):

    “In the last few weeks, opponents of taking action on climate change have misrepresented both the content and the significance of stolen emails to obscure public understanding of climate science and the scientific process,” said 25 U.S. scientists, including eight members of the National Academy of Sciences, in a December 4 Open Letter to Congress. “We would like to set the record straight. The body of evidence that human activity is the dominant cause of global warming is overwhelming. The content of the stolen emails has no impact whatsoever on our overall understanding that human activity is driving dangerous levels of global warming.”

    And again: “Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver. These conclusions are based on multiple independent lines of evidence, and contrary assertions are inconsistent with an objective assessment of the vast body of peer-reviewed science.”

    Human made global warming is not some vast international conspiracy. It is real and it *must* be addressed.

  14. I guess the AGW faithful think that if they can tell a lie enough times it will be regarded as the truth. Certainly this worked with the AGW scriptures and it worked for their patron saint algore(tm) but I think this time there is too much truth on the table for them to deny it. As a matter fact, it is almost comical that they keep trying. HEY AL! YOUR BILLIONS IN ILL-GOTTEN-GAINS OVER CARBON CREDITS IS FADING FAST.

  15. Oh my goodness! Thanks to you “big al” for pointing out the truth of the climate-gate email! It is so true and everyone should listen to what you are saying because you are really really telling the truth here!

    (I couldn’t pass up the chance to point out this bit of sock-puppetry)

  16. What will happen when Chinese hacker attack our account, our email…of anyone in all over the world for their purpose?
    It is unacceptable for everyone all over the world.

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