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From the EU to Australia, Allegations of ‘Carbon Cheating’ Continue

carbonemissions2Whether it’s fraudulent trading in EU carbon emissions credits or Australia allegedly covering up emissions, the international business of carbon accounting continues to take hits.

In the European Union, fraud within the carbon trading community may have cost taxpayers more than $7 billion in the past 18 months, reports CBC News.

Europol indicates that in some EU nations, up to 90 percent of all carbon market volume was related to “fraudulent activities.”

Since cracking down on alleged fraud in France, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain, such carbon fraud may have declined as much as 90 percent, Interpol said. A reverse trading method was proposed several months ago to cut down on the fraud.

In September, the biggest clean energy auditor in the world was suspended by United Nations inspectors. SGS UK’s accreditation was suspended after accusations that its staff had not properly audited projects in carbon trading markets. It also was asserted that SGS’s auditors were not qualified to perform the audits.

Meanwhile, Australia is accused of covering up emissions from bushfires and logging in its overview of emissions to other nations involved in the Copenhagen climate talks, reports the The Angle.

By misrepresenting its emissions, Australia has become the object of scorn and derision by other nations participating at the COP 15 talks, reports the Business Standard.

French ambassador for climate change Brice Lalonde said that Australia was hypocritically attempting to deceive the world by insisting that developing nations account for emissions from forest clear-cutting while itself ignoring emissions from bushfires.

Still, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said that the offers by both developed and developing nations to cut emissions are “inadequate,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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2 thoughts on “From the EU to Australia, Allegations of ‘Carbon Cheating’ Continue

  1. Excellent summary and thanks for the link. The allegations of fraudulent carbon accounting will be particularly damaging internationally to Australian PM Kevin Rudd who has attempted to position himself as one of the “go-forward” leaders on reducing carbon emissions despite actually doing very little.

  2. Lord Christopher Monckton, reporting from the summit, has stated that the only goal of the conference was to implement the framework and the funding for a world government ?quot; which he asserts has been achieved.“That is the one thing that they are definitely going to succeed in doing here and they will announce that as a victory in itself, and they will be right because that is the one and only single aim of this entire global warming conference, to establish the mechanism, the structure, and above all the funding for a world government.” They are going to take from the western countries the very large financial resources required to do that.” Monckton said, adding “They will disguise it by saying they are setting up a $100 billion fund for adaptation to climate change in third world countries, but actually, this money will almost all be gobbled up by the international bureaucracy.”“The first thing they will do, and the one thing I think they were always going to succeed in doing at this conference is to agree to establish what will be delicately called ‘the institutional framework’. Now that is a code word for world government.
    PS: We need to establish the truth about Climate Change from credible Scientists’ stop these Climate Summits before we’re all Carbon taxed to death and acquire some UN and Elitist arrests! Like for example Al Gore! Folks we are actually dealing with criminals here! I don’t know if the world figures them too big to arrest or what but our Sovereignty is in peril of being lost! Help me stop them by stepping up and making your opinions known!

    Take a look at this video clip with a little humor that states the case of where things stand with the CRU East Anglia Email Leaks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8O-E_GN0Kg&feature=player_embedded

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