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Jeff Rubin At ‘The Business of Climate Change’

Jeff Rubin, the former Chief Economist of CIBC World Markets, speaks at The Business of Climate Change conference. Mr. Rubin predicts $225 per barrel oil by 2012 and with it the end of globalization, a movement towards local sourcing and a need for massive scaling up of energy efficiency.

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6 thoughts on “Jeff Rubin At ‘The Business of Climate Change’

  1. The navy powers submarines and aircraft carriers directly on nuclear power. With no emissions and low fuel costs, quickly replacing our diesel ships with nuclear ships could go a long way in combating global warming and peak oil. Also, electrifying trains and using electric space heating instead of heating oil, could increase nuclear’s role. Advanced Gen IV designs make incredible strides in efficiency, lowering fuel requirements by over a factor of 160, and use alternate fuels like depleted uranium or thorium.

  2. yeah, I have to agree on nukes. Nukes are a very inefficient technology, when a total life-cycle analysis is used.

    The real solutions are that we need to improve dynamic efficiency across all sectors, stop eating meat, radically alter how we design our cities, whilst actively retro-fitting and shrinking them. We also need to be able to grow food in our cities.

    We need to drop the idea of a growth economy, replacing it with an efficiency and long life based economic paradigm whilst getting away from the idea of profits by radically altering our tax system and redistributing wealth. We also need to de-militarise (militaries are extremely wasteful) and seek peace with traditional enemies. This may seem radical and insane, given where we are now, but is also the only long term way forward. We need to curb population growth as well.

    What I have said is the consensus with a growing number of scientists worldwide. These are also the big issues and solutions surrounding climate change.

    The biggest move will be for the big power brokers to come to the table. The majority of people on this planet would agree to the majority of these ideas if asked. It is, as always the greedy and rich that will use these problems to promote resource war.

  3. Makes you really wonder why industry and government in Western Canada are so eager to export fossil fuels to Asia. Sorry kids, we sold the farm cheap so we could have a big party!

  4. We must prepare for proportional movements of populations in step with the changes in energy and food availability. A reduction in travel for resources should mean the localization of both people and resources. Think about mass migrations away from unsustainable geographies. In order to allow for this restrictions on travel must be lifted and policies and politics will have to adapt. Alternatively, conflicts could allow for forced relocations. Conflicts over resource scarcity are the future unless mechanisms can be developed for allowing peoples to relocate and integrate successfully.

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