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Pepsi Drops Super Bowl Ads in Favor of Cause Marketing

pepsi refreshCause marketing, including asking consumers how they would improve sustainability and the environment, will take the place of PepsiCo’s traditional TV advertising that accompanies the Super Bowl, reports DMNews.

This will be the first time in 23 years that the Super Bowl will not have an ad promoting Pepsi. Last year, Pepsi spent $33 million advertising its brands during the game.

The average Super Bowl spot costs about $3 million.

This year, Pepsi is trying to build a two-way dialogue with consumers by asking them to go to a Web site and suggest ways that Pepsi can be involved in social causes.

As part of the promotion, Pepsi will be putting $20 million into its Refresh Project. Click here to visit the Refresh Everything Web site.

Beginning Feb. 1, consumers will have the chance to vote for how Pepsi should spend its money on suggested projects.

Each month, Pepsi will be awarding up to 2 grants of $250,000 to projects proposed by large organizations.

More grants in denominations of $50,000, $25,000 and $5,000 will be awarded each month for smaller organizations and individuals.

The project includes a microsite dubbed “The Planet.”

In its own operations, PepsiCo has saved more than 750,000 megawatt hours of energy and more than 7.5 billion liters of water as a result of gains in energy and water efficiency compared to the 2006 baseline.

The food and beverage company is committed to cutting company-wide water use by 20 percent, electricity by 20 percent and fuel by 25 percent by 2015, compared to 2006 usage levels.

The Super Bowl has been making efforts to present a greener image in recent years.

The 2009 Super Bowl in St. Petersburg, Fla., featured green energy purchase and tree planting.

The 2008 Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, was the first ever powered completely with renewable energy by using solar, wind and geo-thermal energy to offset the GHG emissions.

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3 thoughts on “Pepsi Drops Super Bowl Ads in Favor of Cause Marketing

  1. NFL = New Fangled Liberals…one of the last bastions for real men has just about succumbed to the mind numbing media mantra to fall in line an be politically correct. Think about it people. If they actually used solar, wind, and geothermal to “completely power” the 2008 Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ then there were no GHG emissions. And thus nothing to “offset”.

    So let’s ponder that some more. Hmmmmm? I wonder??? Did they actually use the local base power supply from the dirty, rotten, scum bag, polluting coal and nuclear generating plants to drive all those stadium lights, scoreboards, glitzy electronics, food preparation equipment, air handling systems, TV and radio broadcast equipment, and God knows what else?

    And then did they buy those magical pieces of paper which says their money went towards planting a tree, or that it purchased power which was generated by the afforementioned renewable sources? Or did they just roll the dice and pray for the right amount of wind and sun and hope it all went off without a glitch (even after dark)?

    But it’s OK to play this game, because it makes everybody feel good. And it’s been blessed by hypocrites like Al Gore, who buys this phony feel good paper (from his own companies) to “offset” the hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2 that his mansion, motorcades, and private Jet constantly spew out? You see – it’s OK for him (and the “right people”) to live like that. But you hick peasants just listen up, do as he prescribes, and keep voting for who he tells you is pure.

    The only hope left for this country is that political correctness finally runs it’s course and goes out of style much like the hippie culture of the 60’s. When it is finally seen as the vain, baseless movement that it is – which is ultimately damaging to our freedom – then we will have had enough.

    That pivot will likely be driven by a generation of yet to come of age youngsters. They will see everything clearly because they won’t be invested in the “religion” of the movement (and thus won’t have to repudiate their own actions and existence). The reality (i.e data) will show all of the rubes to have been the truly and deservedly embarrased idiots of their day.

    And I’m actually a supporter of all these renewables – as well as everything else that generates power. The sooner we can ignore foreign oil producers, the better! But not at the expense of our way of life, our freedom, and our security.

  2. Well-said Mark! I totally agree.
    We need more people in this country to wake up before it’s too late to save our life, freedom, security (and I’ll add prosperity).

  3. I think the point is that our Earth is a factory the produces many things for our high standard of living that many of us enjoy. Just like any other man-made factory, the Earth just won’t continually produce miraculously, it has to be managed by people at some level. We can’t control most things on this Earth factory, but we can affect its capacity to produce in many areas. So let’s be kinda selfish and keep it functioning to the level that makes us happy, or if not happy, at least more comfortable. Its just simple economics disguised as the ecology – nothing warm and fuzzy about it.

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