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Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi to Standardize Electric Car Recharging

electric car charge recepticleTrying to spread adoption of electric cars, five major Japanese firms have agreed to set a unified standard for electric vehicle recharging stations.

First, the companies will address a Japanese national standard, then they will push for an international standard, reports Reuters.

The group is comprised of Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fuji Heavy Industries and Tokyo Electric Power – Japan’s biggest utility.

Officially, the group is calling itself the “CHAdeMO Association.”

“CHAdeMO” is an abbreviation of “CHArge de MOve,” which translates to “charge for moving.” It also is a pun for “O cha demo ikaga desuka” in Japanese, which means “Let’s have a tea while charging.”

Symantics aside, the group started to come together last August when Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fuji and the utility started a preparatory committee. Later, Toyota joined the committee.

So far, 158 businesses and government bodies are expected to join the association. Businesses such as automakers, electric utilities, charger manufacturers and charging service providers are in the mix.

In other alternative vehicle charging news, Honda is touting its home solar hydrogen refueling station.

At so-called “fast-fill” public stations, such as several in Southern California, a hydrogen car can get a 240-mile charge in about five minutes.

But because those charging stations are so far and few between, Honda is working on home solar refueling that would give a smaller range of 30 miles over eight hours.

Honda leases 15 FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered vehicles in Southern California but plans to ramp up the numbers soon.

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4 thoughts on “Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi to Standardize Electric Car Recharging

  1. It is beyond imagination that there are all these different companies making or in the plans for making electric/plug-in hybrids and there is no standard for something as basic as plugging them in. Well gee, let’s try to find some more ways to kill any momentum electric cars might have. Someone better get a move on and ratify a standard before we end up in cellphone/camera proprietary charger hell with our cars.

  2. I agree with the sentiment of Jeffery Hall, Really! how long does it take to sort out something like this? Its absolutely vital, We are still dealing with the problem of diesel and petrol confusion which was a short-sighted mistake that stuck. Standardisation is one of the things that makes modern business so efficient – Get on with it already!

  3. The last sentence in your article is incorrect. Honda is only going to build a few more fuel cell cars – each car costs the company nearly $2 MILLION each, not to mention that the V-Flow stack has been rumored to have a very short life. Honda is now back to making battery electric cars. Honda claimed they would have 200 fuel cell cars on the road by the end of 2010…looks like they pulled a BS publicity stunt in true “General Motors” fashion. Honda is only making electric drive cars to comply with the California Zero Emission Vehicle mandate – PERIOD!

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