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Target Goes for Eco-credibility By Adding Recycling Bins to All Stores

target bullseyeIn an effort to bring recycling practices out of the back room and into the public eye, Target is adding customer recycling bins to all its stores, Reuters reports.

Shawn Gensch, Target’s Vice President for Brand Marketing, said he does not expect the bins themselves to generate much extra traffic, but the retailer is looking for a boost in the customer shopping experience.

Gensch said the program aims to pay for itself by selling recyclables to companies that recover such items.

Before now, Target has kept its recycling efforts behind the scenes, including efforts like recycling and reusing packing boxes, clothes hangers and the like.

Now, the retailer is putting in recycling bins for items like plastic bags, beverage cans and bottles and electronic devices such as cell phones and MP3 players.

As for logistics, Target will truck recycled materials from its 1,700 stores to distribution centers via trucks that are already making the rounds.

About a year ago, UK retailer Tesco began testing a program to let consumers recycle packaging from items bought in the store at its sites. That program was tied to gaining insights into which elements of packaging could be reduced or eliminated from the supply chain.

Supermarkets such as Wegmans and Sobeys report progress with programs that encourage shoppers to reuse plastic bags in an effort to reduce packaging waste.

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5 thoughts on “Target Goes for Eco-credibility By Adding Recycling Bins to All Stores

  1. If Target is looking for a boost in customer experience, why not do something a little more interesting than have a few plastic buckets over by the cashiers? Target prides itself on a design focus. For one, providing more products that are lasting, reusable and fully-recyclable would offer many more opportunities for educating consumers while slowing the waste stream. I would like to see whether this program helps to inform a larger system of green operations at Target, or whether it’s seen as an end in itself, spun around “Earth Month”.

  2. I’m really glad to hear about Target recycling. especially the items like cartridges and cell phones that are hard to find places to recycle. Good for you Target!

  3. Great to see….however, any chance that Target would be willing to provide a much needed community service of taking back things like household batteries and compact fluorescent bulbs? Afterall, since I’m buying them there it would make it so much easier for me to recycle them where I shop.

  4. Way to go Target! You’re on target. We are big into recycling, so this will help because our city had to curtail its recycling efforts.

    We live on a farm outside Austin, and there is no recycling services within 20+ miles! NOW TARGET IS RECYCLING at least plastic bags, plastic & glass containers & electronic waste, which we appreciate!!! BUT, PLEASE go a bit further…As other commenters said -“we need a recycle outlet for batteries, flourescent bulbs, etc… AND if Target sells more products that are lasting, reusable and fully-recyclable and offers many more opportunities for educating consumers while slowing the waste stream, Target would fullfill a great service for all their customers! We do appreciate the service now…. now make it even better, PLEASE! I now buy 90% of my groceries and other necessities from Target because of the good service, selection and the ability to recycle more than just plastic bags! THANK YOU AGAIN!

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